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Monday, May 31, 2004

Fassbinder Procrastination

Well, I have seen all of the Fassbinder films currently available on DVD or video. There are only 3 remaining I've yet to watch --- THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, GODS OF THE PLAGUE and RIO DAS MORTES. I think I am putting off watching them because I will have nothing "new" of his to watch for some time.

Am not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I did contact The Fassbinder Foundation in Germany to inquire about dates for the planned release of his remaining work. They did get back to me, but it sounds like it might not be until some time in 2005. They are currently working on restoring his 15 hour plus mini-series of BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ and it looks as if Criterion may be releasing LILI MARLENE. But the individual who contacted me made it clear that no formal agreements had been worked out. Fantoma is also very much involved with any future US/UK releases. So, I shall have a long wait. And, those who know me will agree --- I am not patient.

I want to learn German and French. I want to see London, Berlin, Munich and Paris. Too bad I suck at learning foreign languages!!! Ugh!

So, for some reason outinboston.com seems to be showing both myself and Karl as if we are always on-line. Most annoying! I don't want people to think I am being rude if they are sending me quick messages. By the way, if you are gay --- out.com is much fun. I prefer it to gay.com. Just my opinion.

I finally got the book of photos by David Armstrong, Rare Flesh, with text by his lover,Clive Barker. I am somewhat disappointed. Some of the photography is interesting, but very little is original in concept. Much of Armstrong's work is erotically derivative of Robert Mapplethorpe. Barker's poetry is interesting, though. ...and the photos are nice enough. I just was expecting something with more of an edge --- and something with a new vision. Oh well.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! ...or Banking Holiday if in the UK. ...I think that is what it is called. ?

Musical Ch-Ch-Changes!

For years I have made fun of jazz. You know the sort of jazz where the singers do that "do-bee-de-do-bee-do-wob!" while the musicians kind of go in all directions where their instruments. Almost organized chaos. Anyway, as I am getting older I am developing an appreciation for real jazz. I am even toying with the idea of purchasing a Cleo Laine CD. Not sure if I am spelling her name correctly, but she is one of those top skat singers. I've been listening to a lot of Sarah Vaughn and Ella. I am also really getting into Billie Holiday -- of course, I guess she would be considered blues. Anyway, this is a real change or departure from my normal taste in music.

...I don't think Karl likes it much.

This has been a nice 4 day weekend, but it comes to an end tonight. Why is it that I am never ready for the breaks to end?

Oh, and I have decided to stop eating. Am just too damned porky and will be wearing a bathing suit on the beaches of PTown in about 2 weeks. I just do not need to further develop my "man tits" and tummy any more than they are now! So, the best think to do is just stop eating. Who needs food?

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Happy Reunion!!!

OK, I am not going to hide it ---- and, actually, I think I once posted about my love of that 80's trio of joy, Wilson Phillips --- I have always wanted a reunion and now we have IT! And, I am seriously loving it! Peter Asher produced it. For lovers of 70's Southern California Rock, like moi, he was the mastermind behind the once beauty of country/rock, Linda Ronstadt! Anyway, the entire CD is a sort of tribute to that sound of 1970's California rock with some 60's stuff thrown in for good measure. It is awesome! Don't make fun of me! I think everyone should rush out and support Wilson Phillips. By the way, I feel that Carnie is now the hottest of the 3!

Karl does not like it and is making fun of me. He is mean! Go flame him on his blog, please!

Friday, May 28, 2004

George Bush as Dog Chew Toy

Personally, I can think of no better use for this silly man currently leading our country down a path of meaningless death and destruction. I picked one up for our puppy and am pleased to note that she loves to chew on George with wild abandon!

My original plan for the day was to sleep really late, play with Dusty and watch my ever-expanding collection of German DVD's. However, I woke up at 8:30am and was too hyper to stay at home. I played a bit with Dusty, gave her lunch, met Karl in Harvard Square and had lunch with him and then saw "A Slipping Down Life" staring Lily Taylor. It was soooooooo bad! I was embarrassed for her. I mean, she is a fantastic actress! What was she doing in that mess of a movie?

On my way to Harvard I was listening to Prince perform his early 80's hit, "Head" ....I failed to notice that I was singing along until I got on the subway. Sigh. I hope no one noticed. I decided not to try to find out. Just looked down and waited for my stop to arrive!

I've seen so many interesting films via DVD in the last couple of weeks --- I really need to update my movie blog! Tonight I watched Fassbinder's "Pioneers in Ingolstadt" and "The Tin Drum" --- both were great, but "The Tin Drum" really blew me away!!!

Now, I sit at the PC listening to Sarah Vaughn croon. I was going to listen to Leon Russell, but decided I wanted to be a bit more jazzy.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Is Charity Really All That Sweet?

Each Thursday before my brother cleans our condo he likes to start the laundry and take the subway over to Cambridge where he is able to enjoy a delicious meal from Taco Bell. As I am at the start of a 4 day weekend, I decided I would join him for dinner. So, while we were having a debate about women --- which by the way I wanted to bring my best friend, Beth, in on -- but Roy told me that this was a private debate. ...So, dear blog readers I am unable to share the nature of the debate. Anyway, Roy forced me to go to Borders where I purchased that new Three Dog Night Greatest Hits CD.

I also decided to check out showtunes to see if I could find the soundtrack of SHOWBOAT. I found one, but it was really old. Bonnie Raitt's father was the big star of the production. I was thinking that there was a movie soundtrack or something. I decided to hold off on that one just in case one of you can guide me to best version of that musical. Imagine my surprise when I found the soundtrack to the movie version of SWEET CHARITY!!!! Although, I know it is not a good movie, I do love to watch it! And, now I've the soundtrack on CD! No one does "The Rhythm of Life" better than Sammy Davis, Jr! I also really like the movie version of "Big spender"

Roy is now cleaning and I am preparing for a nice evening of Fassbinder films! I am not going to shave, I am going to sleep late and see a movie or two tomorrow! ...and play with the puppy! Fun!

I also need to updat my movie blog! By the way, have you checked out my view of all of Barbra's movies???? It is there!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Post II --- B'Way Musical CD's & A Really Pretty Book!

Well, it is about an hour later and I have moved from the original cast recording of A CHORUS LINE to the original B'Way cast of HAIR. I guess I am just in a showtune state of mind. I think I need to get a recording of SHOWBOAT. If anyone knows the best production on CD, please let me know. I think there are several versions out there.

Oh! And, I got a book for Karl. It is really a very nice book filled with great photos. It carries both significant historical and erotic content. I still do not understand how such pictures were ever taken? At any rate, I would recommend this book to both my female straight friends and my gay pals. Lovely pix and a very nice coffee table book!

Also, please support Rob! His second book is available and I am sure it is going to be a great read! We must support our gay writers -- particularly when they are good!!! Check out more info at Rob's blog!

No doubt we are living in scary times, but then again --- haven't we always since as far back as I can remember. Anyway, check out Tony's

recent sermon delivered at a conference --- and just check out his blog. He offers some very insightful ideas. Even if you should not agree, it is always cool to look at all perspectives. I happen to agree with everything he has written.

Also of importance, my good pal, Jen, is having trouble finding her favorite soap! Please take a look and let her know if you have any ideas about where she might be able to find it!

OK --- Plimpton is singing "Frank Mills" and I feel this is my cue to head to bed! Goodnight!

My Boyfriend is in Love with Kenny Chesney

And, frankly, I am just a little bit embarrassed. I mean, he is a 4 foot tall country singer. Granted, he does have a killer body --- but I do not think much of that mug of his. Of course, shorter guys tend to be blessed in other ways.

Well, we saw OKLAHOMA last night. Didn't enjoy the play, but we had a blast. It was fun seeing Karl climb into my boss' little sports car. He had to sit on my lap as it is just a two seater. It is an unusual and expensive little car so we were getting looks for both the coolness of her car and the fact that Karl was on my lap and we were all laughing like fools!

Tomorrow is actually Friday for me as my office is closed on Friday and Monday for Memorial Day! Yay! 4 Day weekend! I am ready for it.

I was emailing with my new pal in Atlanta, Kevin, this morning and he mentioned the musical A CHORUS LINE --- and I had to come home and listen to the CD this evening. You know, it is interesting to note how Broadway vocals change. Last night, the singers performed in that smooth belting kind of way and back in the 70's people just sang. No inflections ---- they just sang. I think I prefer the 70's approach. Why must everyone sound like Josh Grobhan in a Sondheim musical? And, then in the 50's it seems like B'Way singers sounded like fake opera singers. Does any of this make sense? I am finding it hard to put into words. Probably because we did not get to bed til 1am this morning. ...and were up at 6am. ugh. So, it is off to bed for me!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Karl's Birthday!

Took Karl to a nice dinner and gave him his own little gold cake with Henry Potter on top. I took his picture, but I am not sure if he plans on posting. He wasn't happy with the way he looked, but I think he looks mighty fine! And, at 33, he is still a baby!

Oh, you must visit Under_Ling's Lair and check out his May 24th post about an incident in New Mexico. If it does not make your blood boil, I am concerned. We are in scary times to say the very least. Anyway, Ian has posted something which should concern all of us --- liberal or conservative these things should not be happening!
In addition, a hate-filled self-proclaimed teenage Republican posted a comment to Under_ling's blog. To make matters even worth this kid likes Metallica. ...like, a lot! Corporate faux rockers.

Oh! And Rob's new novel, TRUST FUND BOYS, is out! My copy came in today! So get thee to a local gay bookstore or order from Amazon.com! I am quite confident it is going to be a most enjoyable read. I hated having his last novel, THE NIGHT WE MET, end. Exceptional writer!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

What's Wrong with Gay People?

Perhaps I am alone in my thinking on this topic, but I doubt it. I do occasionally see letters to the editor of magazines like The Advocate or Out, both of which are now owned by the same publishing company and both of which seem to be losing their political edge at a rabid rate, stating annoyance at constantly seeing straight celebrities on the cover of these gay/lesbian magazines. Stepping back from and actually thinking about it, The Advocate pulled away from being a more politically slanted magazine back in the very early 90's. And then came Out which started off on more of a political bent, then decided it wanted to be more of a fun gay magazine devoted to gay life and fashion.

I am not saying that neither publication fails to represent segments of gay/lesbian population and our political concerns --- but one has to admit --- the focus is secondary to giving a 4 page spread to a celebrity who is playing gay or lesbian. The new issue of The Advocate features the straight actor who plays a gay character on HBO's Six Feet Under. It is nice interview, but really fluff. The actor is good-looking. However there are some much better articles in the zine such as a story on Tammy Bladwin who is doing some very important work. And, if they must have celebrities on the cover, why did they devote a 2 inch square picture of George Michael who has released an awesome CD that addressed more than a few issues facing gays and lesbians? Why not have George on the cover and this straight actor, Michael Hall, in the 2 inch square? For that matter why don't they just put Tammy on the cover? I am sure that some celebrity would have been willing to pose with her. There is no shortage of fame whores!

The historic ruling right here in my state regarding gay marriage never even received the full cover. These magazines were more concerned with another celebrity. They did report on the historic ruling, but The Advocate I started reading in 1983 when I was 16 would have had that ruling story on the cover. I don't know,just felt like doing a bit of venting.

I didn't feel so hot this weekend. Think I might be fighting off a cold or stomach bug or something. I did nothing but watch DVD's. I have much to catch up on for my movie blog! Karl turns 33 tomorrow! I have to pick up his cake and get it home without any mishaps on public transit!

Oh, and tonight we find out what the big surprise plot twist on Queer As Folk is going to be! My new pal, Kevin, in Atlanta --- a very hot guy by the way --- has told me that this plot twist will revolve around Brian. Hmmmmm.... We shall see!

Oh yeah, and while watching a Fassbinder film yesterday I learned that "fart" in German translates to mean "journey" and while watching an Ingmar Bergman flick today I learned that "slut" in Sweedish translates to "fin" or "the end". So, I shall begin my evening fart until it comes to a slut and I go to bed!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Lazy Day with Nomiya Maki

I had a rough work week so I decided that I was just going to laze about this weekend. I find it rather interesting that Friday ended with my credit card being lost/stolen. Anyway, I am listening to 2 CD's by the incredible Miss Nomiya Maki --- formerly of the fabulous Pizzicato Five. Anyway, I finally found her two solo recordings. If one is interested both are fantastic, but my personal favorite is "Miss Maki Nomiya Sings!" the newer CD release is more focused on straight-ahead rock. The version I secured is entitled "Lady Miss Warp" -- it is quite good, but the other is more fun! Plus the packaging for "Miss Maki Nomiya Sings!" is way-cool!

After a bit of blogging I plan to immerse myself in some Fassbinder German film viewing thanks to the wondrous technology of DVD! I am kind of toying with the idea of writing about Fassbinder -- not on blog,but more of, I guess, a thesis of sorts --- just to see where it might lead me. I don't know. The books I have read thus far do not capture all of what I see and feel in his work. Rainer Werner Fassbinder --- A New Perspective from an Office Manager in Boston. ...It could happen. No one will read it, but I could still write it. lol!

I was up far too late last night writing my biggest blog entry ever on the films of Goddess Barbra. I am afraid to even look at it as I wasn't finished until after 2:00 AM. Sad, actually. I wonder if anyone will read it? And I wonder if one of the readers might be a part of the Streisand On-Line Forum to which I subscribe? They tend to get a little defensive when it comes to Babs. I mean, I have loved her work since I was 4 --- but I am rather realistic about things.

Oh, by the way -- Monday is Karl's33rd birthday! So stop by and wish him a happy one! I gave him a puppy named Dusty and a new book all about (gasp) Leather. It is filled with sexy photos for my baby! He may not be willing to marry me and loves to look at pix of men in leather, but I still love him. And, certainly, a hot man in leather is not bad to look at!

Oh! Look at this! I find some of it quite sexy and revolting all at the same time. I wonder if I am developing a fetish for tats and piercings? Hmmmmm... I once went out, well "did" a guy with a Prince Albert. It was odd. He had to sit to pee or he made a big mess.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Stolen Credit Card & Barbra

Met my brother tonight to see a movie. Before we walked into the cinema we did a bit of shopping. I am not positive, but I either left my credit card at the cash wrap or the cashier kept it and I just didn't notice because he was chatting so much. After the movie, we had a drink and nachos and then I decided to stop by the ATM before catching a cab to head home and realized that my card was gone! UGH! Oh well, so it goes. I just hope no one steals my identity. I have enough of a hard time dealing with it, would feel bad for someone to try to make it work for them!

Anyway, I have made my ultimate comments on all of Barbra's movies! Just click here here if you care to read them. If you are not interested, simply do not click there!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Venting About Big Plans & Yet Another Prince Issue

For the third time in my career I played the rank card today. I feel a bit guilty, but a boy's gotta do what boy's gotta do. Right? My PalmPilot Treo 600 has not been able to sync with my Notes on my work laptop for well over a week. There is a bug in my Notes and they need to either "wave" my machine or upgrade me to Notes 6.5 --- which would be way ahead of the planned roll-out of this new version. Today I had to start the Annual Review process for my staff. Ultimately, I am responsible for close to 60 Annual Reviews. We use a Notes Dbase ---- I was running into trouble all morning with this dbase. I contacted the dbase team and they told me that this was "some sort of issue" with my Notes. So --- I forced the issue. I used my rank to get my pc fixed. I feel a little guilty, but I think it is a faux feeling.

So my plan is to finish up on my work tomorrow with the dbase, sync my life to my Palm, go see a funny movie, watch lots of DVD's this weekend --- and, at the suggestion of Tim I have decided to write all about the films of Barbra on my movie blog. ...I think Tim was joking --- but I mean business! Don't rain on my parade! Oh, and send Tim a note of encouragement. He is taking an important test tomorrow, but he is seeing Blonde Redhead in concert tonight. Let's hope he is able to study!

Oh, and by the way --- I like Prince. I can't help it. I know he has issues and hair problems, but I like him. I finally picked up a copy of the "Lovesexy" CD because it was on sale for $6.99. I happen to like several of the songs and figured I would enjoy the others. There is only one problem --- the CD is ONE TRACK! One track --- you can't skip from song to song! I take issue with this. It annoys me. What if I do not want to listen to Kat wrap? What if I do not want to go down Alphabet Street --- what if I want to skip to the last song? I am telling you --- it is just obnoxious!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

To Clot or Not to Clot --- This IS the Question

So after my last nasal surgery did not take I was sent to a hemotolgist. I met with her today for about 40 minutes. She is suggesting that I try a drug that will help my blood to clot. She wants to prescribe a very small dosage and only have me use it for the next 2 to 3 months. The only "minor" concern is that pro-longed use of this drug can case blood clots.

So, no biggie.

OI! I just don't know what I think or what to do. I can go for a second opinion, but I don't know enough about any of this crap to make a good decision. The ENT dude who fixed my nose thinks I need to be on it. My primary care thinks I should be on it. I don't know.

After my doctor visit, I called Karl and had him meet me at the Kendall Square Cinema and we saw Games People Play. It was interesting --- had lots of male full frontal nudity which is always nice, but it wasn't funny enough. It was just harsh and a bit too long. Also, I think the next taboo of reality TV is not going to be around nudity or sex --- it will be violence. Series 7 was much better satire. Although, the male nudity was nice...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Another New Leaf!

So those of you who know me or know my blog --- know that I like to whine about my weight. So, get ready here comes a big whine ---- about my weight! I weigh too much. It just isn't healthy and I do not really want to look pregnant when I go to Ptown next month.

Tony --- if you are out there, this plays right into what you are writing about!

Anyway, no more trash food effective tomorrow! I really do not need to lose all that much. And I guess I need to start moving around a bit. lol!

I want to be healthy and gorgeous, but it just is not easy to be so as I make my way through my hectic life! Wahhhhh! OK, no more whine.

Oh! Be sure to pre-order your copy of Rob's new novel, "Trust Fund Boys"! I am loving "The Night We Met" and hate the fact that I will be reaching the end soon! Fun read! Great writer!

Monday, May 17, 2004

The Big Shit Stand-Off!

We have entered a dark phase of the Karl/Matt/Dusty household. Yes, we have entered the phase of The Big Shit Stand-Off. This is somewhat similar to the garbage stand-off when Karl and I would just let the garbage grow and grow until the odor became so unbearable that one of us eventually caved in and took it out. Well, now we are doing the same thing when it comes to Dusty's little brown/black gifts we find scattered throughout the condo. Initially, Karl picked these gifts up more than me. Then I got more involved in picking up the excessive amount of "gifts" that a tiny dog can produce at will. Now, I have noticed that the shit just lies there. Karl, myself and Dusty go about our evening/day and just tend to dodge the shit. The exception would be Dusty who sometimes will approach her shit and sniff at it suspiciously. Tonight I caved in and picked up both of Dusty's deposits. Mainly because I noticed that Dusty seemed to be entertaining the idea of eating her own excrement. That would not be good --- especially as Dusty loves to give us both kisses and will, sometimes, slip us the tongue. Ah, family life.

I bet you thought I was going to write about the fact that the Commonwealth will let us marry and actually be a real family in the eyes of this state. Until Karl accepts my proposal I don't plan to discuss it much. However I think it is really cool and exciting. Karl has agreed that we will invest in a higher grade of ring sets this summer when we go to PTown for a week! No wedding, but we'll have the rings!

By the way, I just ran across This Website! and it rocks! I hope he doesn't mind me liking him to my blog. I need to send him an eamil! But check it out!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Back from Maine --- and Thinking of Billie Holiday!

We had a lot of fun in Portland. Dave's play reading went very well. He is a talented writer. I think I may have broken my pal, Dan's, digital camera. Although, I could have sworn he had it in his hand as I passed it to him. However it crashed on to a pile of rocks near the harbor. I felt so bad! I am going to pay half for a new camera for him. He had just gotten it!

Jen did a great job of caring for our puppy, Dusty. I was missing her! What am I going to when we send her to doggie school?!?!? She will be there for 2 weeks and we only get to see her on the weekend --- when they train us!

This afternoon as Karl was surfing thru out.com, I was listening to Billie Holiday. I picked up a CD at Starbucks. The only reasons I even know of her existence is thanks to vocal allusionist, Jimmy James, who does an incredible impersonation of her lovely singing voice. By the way, Jimmy James totally rocks -- you must see him if you ever get the chance! He is usually always in PTown every summer. We never miss him! Anyway, I know of her thanks to Mr.James and thanks to Berry Gordy who made a movie about her staring Diana Ross. However, Ms. Ross was unable to match the vocals of Billie Holiday! Anyway, I really love her voice. As I listened I drifted off to sleep and her music played thru my dreams. It was nice.

Oh! I got to instant message with Homoesque today! It was so nice to "chat" with him! His is one of the best bloggers out there --- and quite a cutie!

Friday, May 14, 2004


Well, today started normal enough. I got up early to catch up on all that was waiting for me at the office only to discover that I had a call from my ENT doctor's office. He wanted to take a look at my nose before the weekend. So, I was "fit in" for 8:15 AM --- I had to rush out to my office in the Back Bay to his in the Fenway. Anyway, he put some odd instrument way up into my nose (don't worry --- he numbed me)and noted that my nostrils were still inflamed and that I wasn't clotting well. Figures. After he shot some stuff up there to lubricate and soothe I was handed a couple of Tylenol with codeine and sent home to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Feel fine now. Karl and I are joining a couple of friends on a little trip to Maine this weekend to see the premiere of a pal's play in Portland. There will be no blogging from me until we get back on Sunday. Jen is going to puppy sit for us!

I had planned on using my lunch hour to pick up a new short sleeved t-shirt to wear around Portland. Despite my aggressive work out regime I just seem to continue to expand. "Enough already!" I say as I eat a blue M&M --- yes, I am unable to consume M&M's unless I am able to sort them out by their various colors. I then eat one color at a time. I am not a freak! Don't question me! Anyway, as I was sent home I am having to count on Karl to select a suitably cool t-shirt in a larger size pour moi. Let's hope he does a good job. I requested something like one of those cool Bruce Lee shirts and he had the nerve to suggest that we were a bit old to wear t-shirts featuring the Karate icon! Can you believe that!?!?!?

Dusty, Karl's puppy, is upset because the neighbors above us are doing something with a hammer. Scares her so she is sitting on my lap and taking too strong an interest in my typing and my segregated M&M's. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Soft, but firm kisses from Boston!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Fear of Sleep!

Karl played on the computer a lot tonight so I decided to watch a DVD I had picked up. Criterion just recently released THE NIGHT PORTER to DVD. I've always read such far-ranging things about it. Some critics praise it and others called it perverse and sick. As I love both Charlotte Rampling and Dirk Bogarde (who, let's face it --- was really hot back in the day. He's dead now, I think) I decided to purchase it. Well, it was a powerful movie, but it really creeped me out on so many levels. Just really disturbing and it had that whole ROSEMARY'S BABY paranoia going on too. I just posted my review to my movie blog. I wonder if anyone even looks at that page? Hmmmm. Anyway, I am worried that I am going to have trouble sleeping. Ugh!

A Few Thoughts On My Day At Home With Fassbinder & Dusty

I have to confess I enjoyed my time late last night into the early hours of this morning. Knowing that I was not going into work, I stayed up late playing on the computer and listening to music. I roamed all over out.com --- visited Boston, New York City, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City and Columbus reading profiles and providing ratings. It was much fun. It seems that Ohio and Utah has a high number of very good looking men. Why? I don't know, but if I were gay and in Utah --- I think I would just leave. But that is me. I just need to be surrounded by noise, concrete and urban blight. At any rate, I had a nice evening.

Today hasn't been so great. I have been a bit bored. I have been trying to train Dusty to stop barking so much. I do not think I am making much progress, but I think she is starting to understand that I will put her in her cage when she starts barking up a storm. She is in her cage now. I feel mean, but she just starts barking and will not stop. It drives Karl crazy so I am trying to break her of the habit. I think she is frustrated with me because I am not able to play with her today. I am not supposed to be moving around much today.

I've spent the day watching Fassbinder movies. His work really fascinates me. No one else I know seems to be at all interested, but I think this director was really brilliant. His films are so complex and simple all at once. Well, that is all I have to share today. Tomorrow night Karl and I are having dinner with a friend we have made on-line. Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Pain in the Nose

Had to go to the ENT today. He performed a minor procedure way up in my right nostril. Am just now getting the feeling back in my face. Just took the packing out of my nose. It was really pretty!

Anyway, I am supposed to take it very easy thru tomorrow. No bending, straining or lifting. Just to chill out I guess.

I can return to work on Thursday. Right now, my nose just hurts. Fun stuff. Blah.

So, the "new and improved" blogger allowed me to create a public profile with a picture, but I do not understand where that profile is. Does anyone out there have a clue on this? I really love the picture I was able to upload, but now no one can see it because I do not know where my public profile went?????

Monday, May 10, 2004

Bruce LaBruce's Skin Flick!

During a recent spat of obsessive-compulsive on-line spending I purchased the last Bruce LaBruce "film" ---- Skin Flick. It had trouble getting into festival circuits because it was supposedly too hardcore and controversial. Well, it was just horrible. First of all it was like a gay version of those really lame soft-core porn films that they show on Showtime's After Hours. And to top it off, Mr. LaBruce seems to be dealing with a number of issues around an attraction to Nazi Skin Heads and the need to degrade himself and other gay men. It was pointless, plotless and so not sexy. I had such high hopes because I really enjoyed Hustler White! The only positive thing I can say about Skin Flick is that is what really short. For a "gay" film it was actually rather homophobic. Just realized --- this probably should have been posted to my movie blog! Oh well.

Blogger Panic! Please see comments section

Saturday, May 08, 2004

3 Questions

I was checking in on Scott's Blog and came across the whole 3 Questions thing that is flying about the blog-lot. Of course, I had to Scott 3 questions --- so I am now required to participate. Am not too worried as I don't get anywhere near as many visitors as Scott --- but I shall honestly answer any that come my way! ...of course that would mean that anyone who asks me would have to do the same!

I want anyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want and I will truthfully answer. Then, I want you to go to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything.

Oh! And this really makes me laugh and wanna dance! Check IT OUT ...this link brought to you by the fabulous Andy at Towleroad ... a most cool site!!


Thiswas so very funny. There were only 5 of us in the theatre, but after the first 10 minutes or so there were only 2 of us left. We both laughed throughout the film! When the film was over the guy said to me, "Dude! That was so fucking funny!" And I replied, "Why, yes it was my good friend!" Then we both laughed and went on our separate ways on this beautiful Saturday!

Also, I just think that Ian Roberts is so cute! So is David Cross ---- and they were both in it! Actually, it was the whole cast of the Upright Citizens Brigade. I really miss that show! Here is the link to the movie's site to see if it is coming to a cinema near you. If you are a bit twisted regarding humor or if you love the UCB --- you will want to see this!

Sadly, I didn't find This this to be much fun. However, the imagery was fantastic and made it worth seeing. I guess I just expected more.

Friday, May 07, 2004

I Want to Live!

I think that is also the title of an old melodrama staring Susan Hayward --- and just as her character wanted to escape the death penalty, I want to escape a heart attack. This means that I need to come up with a solution for lunch. I need to stop with the Burger King and the Wendy's every day. I also need to stop with the caffeine and all the sugar to avoid any further expansion. So, I shall figure it out and start my new plan for health next week on Monday. ...And maybe I should at least take our elevator down to our gym and just look at the many options for getting in shape. Now, I am not saying that I will take advantage of those options, but I am going to look at them!

However, this weekend, I can still eat like a total pig! Fun!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Sun 'll Come Out --- Tomorrow! Bet Your Bottom Dollar!

I hope that I didn't just plant that sappy Charnin song into someone's head. Nothing worse than to have a 13 year old Broadway belter stuck in your head --- even when it is spring. I think Charnin wrote the score to ANNIE. I might be wrong. Oh well, it doesn't matter. The most important thing is that tomorrow will be Friday and it just has to be better than today was pour moi! I spent the morning in meetings, the afternoon reviewing financials that turned out to be invalid --- causing me great distress as I thought I had made some really horrible mistakes while my boss was out --- luckily, the mistakes were not of my making. ...But it took a good 3 hours before we figured that out. Ugh! And, then, one of our best assistants gave me her notice and only gave me a one week notice.

...And I have gone out on more than a few limbs for her over the years. I was most frustrated. ...And, yet, happy for her because I think she might be really happy in this new job. Just wish she would have given me some notice! Arghhhh! You know, maybe I am a total sucker --- but I think, with the exception of one really bad job where I was treated like total shit, I have always given a minimum of 3 weeks notice. I guess one shouldn't expect everyone to be like his or her self.

Well, anyway tomorrow is Friday and I am going to be seeing THIS! I suspect I will be going all alone, but that is OK because I have been waiting to see this movie for quite a while! Yes, tomorrow will be a much better day --- just like that annoying little Annie sings about!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What Matt is Reading ...Right Now

Just to show you all that I am not all about Barbra, Cher, Judy and glitter --- I want you to see my intellectual side. Yes, I read books and have recently re-joined my pal, Doug's Gay Men's Reading Group! ...now if I can just get my lazy gay ass to the next meeting! I am going to do it! ...Doug promised to call and remind me.

Anyway, I am actually reading 3 books. At the same time!

I am in the middle of reading an anthology of interviews and essays by my new film director idol, Rainer Werner Fassbinder -- "The Anarchy of the Imagination"

I also picked up The Night We Met which I shall begin reading tonight! The author, Rob Byrnes has a new novel coming out soon titled "Trust Fund Boys" --- and he is printing excerpts to his blog to entice us! Am looking forward to it.

I also picked up the book which Doug's Group will be reading this month, The Scarlet Professor which looks fairly heavy, but I can handle it because I am deep.

Meanwhile, my life-partner, Karl, is singing along to "99 Luft Balooooons" on TV while he waits for the commercials to end and he can get back to the special on "FRIENDS" ...Which I am so sick of hearing and seeing. Just end the damn show already and leave us alone! Yet, Karl just eats it all up. He loves FRIENDS. Oh well. ...And to think he makes fun of my Sonny & Cher Ultimate DVD set --- which is fucking awesome, by the way!

Palm Treo 600 Misadventure!

Near tragedy struck late yesterday afternoon as I made my way from the Government Centre subway stop (the heat was on in the train and I just had to get off! The heat was unbearable!) to the North End to meet Karl. Well, as I was making my way through the remaining debris of The Big Dig --- my messenger bag hit my wondrous Palm Treo 600 belt casing ---- causing my beloved PDA/Cell Phone to soar through the air and bounce on the concrete that lay beneath my feet!

I nearly died.

Oddly enough, with the exception of a minor scratch on the little atenae prong --- my trusted PDA was OK! I was much relieved.

Two friends came by last night to hang/chat for a bit and our little puppy, Dusty, decided she would be a total terror. She tried to break her teeth in on their feet/shoes. It was quite annoying. It is a good thing she is so cute.

Oh, and I've added links to 2 blogs I recently discovered. The first is called Empty Beach and I really like the way the guy writes. The second is called The Rob Blog which is the blog site of author, Rob Byrnes. I am going to purchase his new book, "The Night We Met" because it is clear he is a great writer and much fun to read. I hope they don't mind me linking them up. I didn't ask them --- but you will find links to the left.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Quite Possibly --- The Most Important Thing to Happen to DVD Ever!

Just in case you are not aware, I am compelled to be sure that this important information, which has a tremendous impact on the DVD industry, be shared with everyone as quickly as possible. I hope that you are sitting as you read the words I am about to write. The Sonny & Cher Show "Ultimate Collection" featuring 3 DVDs and full length commentary from Cher and a special section devoted to the costumes of Bob Mackie hit stores today. Yes, like you, I am holding back the tears of joy. This is something that we've al been waiting and working for ---- we have all been so patient. And our moment has finally arrived.

Over 14 hours of Sonny & Cher material ---- including the full final season. ...You know, the one. Where they were divorced, shook hands and made very uncomfortable and inappropriate jokes against one another. Yes, that season. Full on --- all of it! And, for those of us who are just a bit too young to remember --- we will be able to see Cher perform "Half Breed" and "Dark Lady" for the first time --- video recorded the very week those all time hit singles hit the stores. Yes, it is true. We will be able to see Cher and Michael Jackson together --- looking as they once looked: normal, but in odd clothes and dizzying hair stylings of the mid 1970's. I can hardly contain my excitement.

However, there is only so much that heaven will allow. The original intent was to also include the full season of The Cher Show. You know, the one. Where she did it all by herself after she left Sonny and got knocked up by one of the Allman Bros. Yes, that is the one. Well, my friends, the wisdom of the Powers That Be have decided to hold off on releasing that gem. Of course we can hope. We can go on. Sooner or later --- maybe this coming Christmas --- we will all find The Cher Show under our respective holiday tree or simply on a table, if you do not celebrate the birth of the man who we later tortured on a cross to relieve of us all our sins so that we can do bad things and just apologize for them later --- you, too, will have access once that magic show comes out on DVD.

But, now is not the time to feel let down about the lack of The Cher Show --- we have plenty of Sonny & Cher Show to watch, study and enjoy! As a reminder -- try not to sit too close to the TV screen. The glitter of the sets and costumes could cause seizures. That wouldn't be good. So, purchase and watch --- with the required precautions --- The very best of Sonny & Cher. I can feel the goose bumps flying around cyber space.

Even our President and the Massachusetts Governor are unable to take this joy from us. This is our moment. The moment of Sonny & Cher!!!! Blessed be!

Monday, May 03, 2004

Sick --- No, but really!

Ok --- warning this post may provide you with more info that you really want to have about moi. Anyway, this morning I woke up with a horrible bout of diarrhea. So, I skipped breakfast and settled for a soda. As I was setting up my laptop in my office --- the feeling grasped my colon again --- so I ran to the nearest restroom and gave the Hancock Tower plumbing a real run for its money. Not fun. Then I am booting up my laptop --- that feeling again. I almost made it to the restroom. I guess you could say I did make it there, but for reasons I do not need to list here --- I needed to go home and decided maybe that this was not the best day for me to be at work. So, I went home (quickly!) sick.

Now, as many of you may remember I suffered a severe attack of depression which caused me to be hospitalized for a while last year. It was horrible and I ended up being out of work on leave for close to 6 months. It was pure Hell. I would never want to go through it again ---nor do I think I could even manage to go through it again.

Anyway, once you get that sick people treat you differently. They look at you different. ...And if you should happen to feel a little down --- say, because a dear friend is suffering through cancer or something or there might have been a bad argument at home so your spirits might not be as high as usual. ....Then EVERYONE is worried that you are on some NIN downward spriral or something.

So, I got sick today ---- but I think everyone is worried that I am sinking back into depression. And, yes, I've been down as of late --- but I am back in therapy. I am OK. And, for the record --- I had/have a stomach bug or something. Regardless, I had intestinal issues. I was sick. Really -- just sick. No biggie -- I expect to be back at work tomorrow.

...actually, now that I think about it --- maybe the cheeziness of QAF last night made me get sick! Am still struggling with Ted's bad lip syncing.

Boy Band Victim

I had heard several of the songs by this artist on MTV and really liked them. Then I read a good review for the CD in a British magazine. So, I invested $10.99 into purchasing the CD. I have been listening to it a lot and am really enjoying it. And then I found out something most was most worrying ---- JC Chasez is a member of NSYNC!!!! Oh no. What has happened to me? Worse yet, I still like his CD. Was playing it on the subway in and would sill be listening to it at work, if I had a way too.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Emmett Gets All Pissy, Ted Can't Lip-Synch and Stumpy Gets a Hair Cut

Ok, so QUEER AS FOLK may have hit a brand new level of cheeze effect! Tonight's show was about as camp as a gay soap opera can get. So many full-groaner moments! I just love it!


Nothing much exciting to report today. I stayed at home and watched a double feature of Luchino Visconti films. I liked one (THE DAMNED) and really hated the other one (DEATH IN VENICE) --- Karl hung out with a new pal he met online. We gave Dusty a bath tonight and I think she is still a bit frustrated with me, but she smells really good! I really have to update my movie page tonight! This is my goal --- I plan to do this while Karl watches some bad TV movie about an earthquake. ...I just don't know.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Fear of Nature

Well, if you have visited Karl's Blog you will note his comments regarding the similarity between our puppy and myself. I don't really disagree --- but for the record, I do not follow him around the house or cry when he goes to bed. ...And I am house trained!

However, I was thrilled to note that both Dusty and I share the same feeling for nature --- we just do not like it! We were thinking that Dusty would really enjoy an "adventure" roaming about the grass by the harbor, but instead she just seemed rather uncomfortable walking on grass and much preferred walking on wood or cement. She really disliked the wind as it messed her hair a great deal! When we walked back into the comfort of our air-conditioned condo she slided across the floor on her belly as if to cool herself.

Yes, folks --- me and our puppy were not meant for the great outdoors. We were meant to be inside, looking fabulous and sipping our water.