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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Back from Maine --- and Thinking of Billie Holiday!

We had a lot of fun in Portland. Dave's play reading went very well. He is a talented writer. I think I may have broken my pal, Dan's, digital camera. Although, I could have sworn he had it in his hand as I passed it to him. However it crashed on to a pile of rocks near the harbor. I felt so bad! I am going to pay half for a new camera for him. He had just gotten it!

Jen did a great job of caring for our puppy, Dusty. I was missing her! What am I going to when we send her to doggie school?!?!? She will be there for 2 weeks and we only get to see her on the weekend --- when they train us!

This afternoon as Karl was surfing thru out.com, I was listening to Billie Holiday. I picked up a CD at Starbucks. The only reasons I even know of her existence is thanks to vocal allusionist, Jimmy James, who does an incredible impersonation of her lovely singing voice. By the way, Jimmy James totally rocks -- you must see him if you ever get the chance! He is usually always in PTown every summer. We never miss him! Anyway, I know of her thanks to Mr.James and thanks to Berry Gordy who made a movie about her staring Diana Ross. However, Ms. Ross was unable to match the vocals of Billie Holiday! Anyway, I really love her voice. As I listened I drifted off to sleep and her music played thru my dreams. It was nice.

Oh! I got to instant message with Homoesque today! It was so nice to "chat" with him! His is one of the best bloggers out there --- and quite a cutie!


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