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Friday, May 14, 2004


Well, today started normal enough. I got up early to catch up on all that was waiting for me at the office only to discover that I had a call from my ENT doctor's office. He wanted to take a look at my nose before the weekend. So, I was "fit in" for 8:15 AM --- I had to rush out to my office in the Back Bay to his in the Fenway. Anyway, he put some odd instrument way up into my nose (don't worry --- he numbed me)and noted that my nostrils were still inflamed and that I wasn't clotting well. Figures. After he shot some stuff up there to lubricate and soothe I was handed a couple of Tylenol with codeine and sent home to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Feel fine now. Karl and I are joining a couple of friends on a little trip to Maine this weekend to see the premiere of a pal's play in Portland. There will be no blogging from me until we get back on Sunday. Jen is going to puppy sit for us!

I had planned on using my lunch hour to pick up a new short sleeved t-shirt to wear around Portland. Despite my aggressive work out regime I just seem to continue to expand. "Enough already!" I say as I eat a blue M&M --- yes, I am unable to consume M&M's unless I am able to sort them out by their various colors. I then eat one color at a time. I am not a freak! Don't question me! Anyway, as I was sent home I am having to count on Karl to select a suitably cool t-shirt in a larger size pour moi. Let's hope he does a good job. I requested something like one of those cool Bruce Lee shirts and he had the nerve to suggest that we were a bit old to wear t-shirts featuring the Karate icon! Can you believe that!?!?!?

Dusty, Karl's puppy, is upset because the neighbors above us are doing something with a hammer. Scares her so she is sitting on my lap and taking too strong an interest in my typing and my segregated M&M's. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Soft, but firm kisses from Boston!


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