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Monday, May 10, 2004

Bruce LaBruce's Skin Flick!

During a recent spat of obsessive-compulsive on-line spending I purchased the last Bruce LaBruce "film" ---- Skin Flick. It had trouble getting into festival circuits because it was supposedly too hardcore and controversial. Well, it was just horrible. First of all it was like a gay version of those really lame soft-core porn films that they show on Showtime's After Hours. And to top it off, Mr. LaBruce seems to be dealing with a number of issues around an attraction to Nazi Skin Heads and the need to degrade himself and other gay men. It was pointless, plotless and so not sexy. I had such high hopes because I really enjoyed Hustler White! The only positive thing I can say about Skin Flick is that is what really short. For a "gay" film it was actually rather homophobic. Just realized --- this probably should have been posted to my movie blog! Oh well.


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