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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What Matt is Reading ...Right Now

Just to show you all that I am not all about Barbra, Cher, Judy and glitter --- I want you to see my intellectual side. Yes, I read books and have recently re-joined my pal, Doug's Gay Men's Reading Group! ...now if I can just get my lazy gay ass to the next meeting! I am going to do it! ...Doug promised to call and remind me.

Anyway, I am actually reading 3 books. At the same time!

I am in the middle of reading an anthology of interviews and essays by my new film director idol, Rainer Werner Fassbinder -- "The Anarchy of the Imagination"

I also picked up The Night We Met which I shall begin reading tonight! The author, Rob Byrnes has a new novel coming out soon titled "Trust Fund Boys" --- and he is printing excerpts to his blog to entice us! Am looking forward to it.

I also picked up the book which Doug's Group will be reading this month, The Scarlet Professor which looks fairly heavy, but I can handle it because I am deep.

Meanwhile, my life-partner, Karl, is singing along to "99 Luft Balooooons" on TV while he waits for the commercials to end and he can get back to the special on "FRIENDS" ...Which I am so sick of hearing and seeing. Just end the damn show already and leave us alone! Yet, Karl just eats it all up. He loves FRIENDS. Oh well. ...And to think he makes fun of my Sonny & Cher Ultimate DVD set --- which is fucking awesome, by the way!


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