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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Palm Treo 600 Misadventure!

Near tragedy struck late yesterday afternoon as I made my way from the Government Centre subway stop (the heat was on in the train and I just had to get off! The heat was unbearable!) to the North End to meet Karl. Well, as I was making my way through the remaining debris of The Big Dig --- my messenger bag hit my wondrous Palm Treo 600 belt casing ---- causing my beloved PDA/Cell Phone to soar through the air and bounce on the concrete that lay beneath my feet!

I nearly died.

Oddly enough, with the exception of a minor scratch on the little atenae prong --- my trusted PDA was OK! I was much relieved.

Two friends came by last night to hang/chat for a bit and our little puppy, Dusty, decided she would be a total terror. She tried to break her teeth in on their feet/shoes. It was quite annoying. It is a good thing she is so cute.

Oh, and I've added links to 2 blogs I recently discovered. The first is called Empty Beach and I really like the way the guy writes. The second is called The Rob Blog which is the blog site of author, Rob Byrnes. I am going to purchase his new book, "The Night We Met" because it is clear he is a great writer and much fun to read. I hope they don't mind me linking them up. I didn't ask them --- but you will find links to the left.


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