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Monday, April 26, 2004

Do you say "N.E.R.D." or just "Nerd"? I Just Don't Know How to Say They're Name!

While I do love hippity hoppity music with all the words spelled funny --- I do not know how to pronounce the name of this band. I do love their new CD tho! Well, if you've read my better-half's Blog posting you know that we are just a therapy-bustin' couple of fools! I just met with a new shrink today. I liked her, but find the first two sessions with a shrink so difficult. I guess I am still depressed and she has concerns --- so I left the appointment feeling kind of down. I was fairly useless at work today after that.

Mental health. Do you have it?

Got Psychosis?

I felt so good when I walked in this afternoon to Dusty. I love our puppy. ...Karl just mocks her, but I think he loves her too.

Well, this is an exciting post. Not. So I will bring it to an end. I need to get to bed early as the new Patti Smith CD comes out tomorrow and I need to get my beauty rest tonight!

OH!, by the way? Did you catch "Queer As Folk" last night? Why in the hell didn't Ted take that cute-tightly-skinned-rehab boy to bed???? ...and, at the very least, why didn't Ted offer to take the couch so that the boy could sleep in the bed???? Ugh. Annoyed me.


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