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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Sunday, Queer, Sunday

After a night of Fassbinder (still have a long way to go before I get thru all of these DVD's!) I woke up from a nice sleep and decided to head out to the cinema in Cambridge and saw AKA --- a bit of queer cinema from the UK. I believe it was based on a true story. I rather liked it.

On my way home I picked up the first NERD cd and the new one THE DIVINE COMEDY --- I miss the fun old days of TDC when Neil Hannon was into his whole Burt Bacharach thing. Now, he is so gloomy. However, he is cuter than ever. You know, I think he may only be about 3 feet tall. Nothing wrong with that, but I get this impression when I see him in photos with other people.

Karl is out running errands and Dusty is pretending she is some sort of monster attacking one of her puppy toys.

Jen is coming over tonight --- should be much fun!

Oh, and Queer As Folk returns on Showtime tonight!!!! Am all excited to find out what is going on in lovely gay-positive Pittsburgh, that actually looks a lot like Canada --- but who's looking anyway? It is my gay Melrose Place --- and I am proud of it.

So, now I plan to put some work into my movie blog page which may actually be more trouble than it is worth. I will not give up on it yet!


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