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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Public Abuse

So, we saw CONNIE & CARLA (liked it!) and then had lunch at Fajiata and Rita's ---- then I decided to catch KILL BILL VOLUME 2 (really liked it!) ...but then the oddest things happened to me as I walked home from the cinema. Complete strangers were hostile to me! For no reason that I can think of ------ every single bum/homeless person screamed at me as I walked past, old passer-bys looked at me with hostility and then some teens in a passing car threw a half-eaten burger at me --- hit me in the ass. What is up? Why I am causing such distress and anger to these strangers in my hood? Folks were nice to me at the cinema. ...Of course I am probably their best customer so I guess they have to be friendly toward me.

Anyway, let's tell people to treat me in a nicer way. I mean, I am really all about the love.


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