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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Freddie Prinz, Jr in a Wig

Yes, I have decided that Freddie Prinz, Jr is hot --- mainly because of his wig in the new Scoopy Doo movie. Not sure if I spelled that right and I am also not sure that maybe he just dyed his hair, but I would bet it is a wig.

No real news to report. Saw "Dogville" which I really loved from a technical and film making perspective, but found the film's message rather disturbing. I saw the film with my brother and we each walked away with different views --- which led us into a very interesting discussion on how we communicate with each other.

Anyway, I felt that "Dogville" had the very clear message that the world would be a better place if the USA were to just be destroyed off the planet. That we are an arrogant country that enslaves itself and inflicts pain/injustice on others.

Now, I do not consider myself to be patriotic --- especially right now. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE WAR WITH IRAQ and I happen to think President Bush is an idiot ---- but I am not anti-American. This is my country and I do not see it as any more evil than any other world power. I do not think I would rather live in any other country.

I think our government has made some tragically mis-guided decisions which are causing the loss of many lives. My hope it that we can get the Bush administration out and replace with a more logic-based leadership. I am uncomfortable with the film because of this harsh message that it implies. However, Roy saw it more as a statement about the American myth of benevolence of our country. Anyway, it is best that I avoid making political statements on my blog because I don't want this to be a political site or to get anyone reading it all upset with me for my views --- but I guess in the end I see "Dogville" as an exceptional crafted film, but the most anti-American film I have ever seen and I am uncomfortable with the fact that I gave my money to support it. Does this make me as looney as some of those annoying Republicans I see on TV???? I hope not. In my discussion of the film with Roy I commented that while I think "Triumph of the Will" is an expertly crafted piece of art ----- I am at odds with watching it because of its hidden agenda.

Anyway, saw a great French film called "Porno Theatre" --- really interesting, but probably not for everyone.

Karl and I left Dusty alone for a few hours today and saw "Lady Killers" which was really funny. I enjoyed it.

And now I am listening to Ricky Martin croon Spanish love songs and I think I might just kick back on the sofa and watch a DVD or maybe just continue listening to the pretty music. I also just realized that the above post probably would have made more sense on my movie review blog! Ugh! I've got to get my stuff together and post to that.


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