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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Puppy Love

I had decided I wanted to get Karl a little puppy for his birthday --- a Shih Tzu. My assistant, Angie, knows a breeder in NY. So, Karl's bday is in May, but the litter was ready now --- so Karl got his bday present early! Anyway, I think he really loves her. She is so cute. I think Karl teared up when he saw her for the first time walking into the condo! So, I think he is happy. Of course, all I will be giving him on his birthday will be a card! Shih Tzu's are not cheap!

Anyway, she is soooo cute! I am sure Karl will be taking some photos and posting them to his site soon or later tonight! I will link to them when he does.

The little doggie is very needy --- she wants us to be with her at all times or she starts to cry. This could become a problem and over course potty training. Well, Karl has a lot of work ahead of him! ha!

We have a little daughter! I wish Karl would just go ahead and name her --- she seems like a Sophie to me, but I don't think Karl cares for that name.


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