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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Dusty Needs A Bath

I am sitting here listening to The Jets CD and waiting for my brother to arrive as we are going to grab some lunch and head over to see "Dogville" --- have been waiting to see this one for sometime! Anyway, Dusty is just so cute! However, she needs another bath a few squirts of doggie cologne! ...yes, they do make doggie perfume to keep our little bitch smelling pretty! Right now she smells like a puppy.

I am looking quite stylish today in my DKNY jeans and Perry Ellis shirt ---- I guess my choice of man-clogs for footwear might be throwing the whole look off, but I am one part all about the fashion and two parts all about the comfort. I love my man-clogs. Tease all you like, but I bet my feet are more comfortable than yours ---- and, hey, I bet some folks think I am a doctor or something. Well, it could happen.

Work has been REALLY busy and much corporate intrigue going on. I wish my boss were back. Swimming with the sharks isn't much fun without her. So, I have about 6,000 new DVD's to watch as I seemed to slip into a depression after my surgery and went on a wacky shopping spree on line a couple of nights at 3am when I just couldn't sleep. Oh well. I am back in therapy and just got my meds re-newed. So, I am on the right track!

Oh, and I got a new "toy" --- new PalmPilot Treo 600 --- it is a PalmPilot plus a phone, a computer and a camera --- other things too that just go over my head, but this takes the place of both my cell phone and my pager!! Just one thing to carry! And I can take pix of people and when they call me -- their picture shows up instead of their number! Neat-O! Some of my coworkers seemed annoyed that they had to pose, but I want pictures, not numbers, baby! Anyway, my Treo rocks -- only problem is that it seems to be so new that it is quite hard to find accessories for it. Spent my lunch hour yesterday searching for a more suitable carrying case and an extra power-charger cord. I ended up ordering online from Handspring.com.


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