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Monday, April 05, 2004

Doggie Woes...

Well, fatherhood is not as easy as I expected it to be for Karl. ...or me, actually. Our little puppy, Dusty, ---- named after the way-cool lesbian songstress and for the fact that the sweet little thing collects dust bunnies as she slips and slides across the floor. Anyway, Dusty gets very distressed if one of us is not "involved" with her at any given minute --- she totally freaks out. She makes these shrieking noises that cause the condo to rattle. This is a problem. Karl was up all night with her.

I slept through it all, but I do feel Karl's pain. ...at least that is the line I am taking.

Anyway, we found a boarding school for Dusty where they will take her for a full two weeks and completely train her for us. She will be a Stepford Shih Tzu! However, she needs to be 2 weeks older before they will take her. So, we found a vet who makes house calls and he is coming over this Wednesday to give her the last shot and a general check-up --- and we hope to get him to trim her nails.

We also found a puppy sitter who needs to build a client base and is coming over on Thursday --- the goal being that he will take care of Dusty during the day while we are at work for the next 2 weeks. Then we ship her off to boarding school and she returns ready to be the ideal city doggie.

Karl is taking her to work with him tomorrow. That should be interesting --- check out his blog! Anyway, we just have to make it thru Thursday night and I think we will be ok.

Well, I have to give a little speech at work tomorrow --- so I have homework to do in preparation.


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