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Monday, April 12, 2004


Since my brother moved out the cleaning of our condo has gone downhill quickly --- and it is my fault! The bedroom bathroom is absolutely disgusting and poor little Dusty smells like a dog. Smelling like a dog is not acceptable for me.

So, tonight I shall clean the bathrooms and bath the puppy. I will be most unhappy as I toil away in the bathrooms, but the puppy will be even more unhappy as I give her a bath. Karl has stated that he refuses to help me with the bathing of Dusty because he feels that a bath a week is excessive for the dog. However, this is a prissy little Shih Tzu and she needs to smell pretty and be al combed. She will feel better about herself and I will be much more comfortable with her crawling over me to nap.

The Nick and Jessica Simpson Variety Hour was a total blast! Even more fun than looking at a car wreck! It was like it was 1977 all over again --- laugh tracks-a-plenty! I hope they get picked up by the network because I could learn to live for this show! I felt embarrased all the way through it --- such fun to see such bad entertainment. You know, when something gets so bad it turns to good again? Well, that is the Nick and Jessica Simpson Variety Hour! Sort of like a dumbed-down version of Sunny & Cher --- and that show was already pretty dumb!


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