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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Laundry, My Twitchy Lover and His Dim-Witted Puppy!

While Karl's puppy, Dusty, just makes me so happy ---- I mean after the hell of the office it is so nice to walk in and have this cute, soft and tiny little doggie run up to love me! Karl is glad to see me too, but I think it might be more because I take the dog off his hands for a while. While the puppy comforts me --- she seems to make Karl all tense and twitchy. Anyway, tonight as Karl was doing the laundry and tossing the clothes out of the hamper on to the floor in sorted piles -- Dusty was scampering to get caught under the falling clothes. So I would see my shirt running across the room and into the wall. ...Dusty isn't very smart. In fact, she may well be retarded. But we love our special puppy all the same.

Ok, so I promise I won't let my blog turn into a log of puppy stories!

On to a more "heady" topic ---- I am VERY disappointed with the cover boy on the new issue of UNZIPPED (think Tiger Beat gone Gay Porn Star KRAZY!!! Yay!) --- Anyway, this month's model is all waxed and assembly line looking. Last month's cover boy was a man and he was HOT! Anyway, there is a great article on handjob tips! Highly rec. reading! Even you straight girls might get some valuable tips that your straight boyz would love for you to know! Rush out to your local porn star and pick up a copy! ...Actually, I just noticed that Barnes and Nobles sells it! Wow -- boners at B&N!

Anyway, better close for now and go read my fave blogs! By the way, I figured out how to link to Ian's way-cool site. Link is to the right --- or click Here!


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