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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Your Data Has Been Deleted

Today was not a particularly easy day at work. Of course, it seems that they seldom are easy. However, this morning I discovered that my new PalmPilot Treo 600 was duplicating a couple of appointments when I sync'd with my PC. So, I asked a representative from our IT team to take a look --- this turned into an all day ordeal which prevented me from accessing my computer for most of the day. And, then ---- at the far end of the day the IT dude tells me all is ok and ready to roll. I sit back at my desk, my office door shut so that I can focus as I needed to leave on time at 5:30pm today. And as I started to climb through my scary email in-box, I decided to check what was on the schedule for tomorrow. ...all of my calendar entries for the remainder of 2004 had been deleted. Gone.

Now, for those of you who know me --- you will understand that this means I am truly screwed as I have no memory. Too much pot and misc. drug use did away with far too many brain cells during the course of my youth. I DEPEND upon my Notes calendar and my PalmPilot --- or as I am known to call it, my brain.

As a lethal combination of panic and anger took over ---- I took a few deep gushes of re-circulated air into my lungs and left what will probably go down as the most desperate and sad voice mail in the history of voice mail for my poor assistant. For about 2 minutes I basically cried into the phone to Angie begging her to somehow fix this for me in the morning so that I can avoid having to kill anyone in IT. ...but then I decided this was silly ---I would just have the IT dude come back to my office and FIX IT! After much annoying banter via our Sametime system --- I got him down to my office. He was able to pull my calendar info up, but told me he would have to work on it tomorrow to get it all fixed.

I threw up and came home. Played with puppy. Moaned to Karl. ...and then fell asleep infront of the TV as some out of focus blonde rambled on about the break-up of John Stamos and his model/actress wife. ...I can only assume this is because Mr. Stamos is actually gay and madly in love with me, but that is a whole other Blog. Anyway, I slept for over 2 hours. I will probably not sleep tonight and when and if I do --- I shall be dreaming of the IT horrors that await me tomorrow!!!


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