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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Rather Sick Observation Re: A Cherished B'Way Musical

So, at the heart of most musicals is tragedy. We know this. In many ways musicals can be kind of mean. Basically, I think that is what Lars Von Treir was doing with DANCER IN THE DARK --- perverting the Hollywood musical for what it really is. Even something like CATS --- sure, you can tell yourself it is about re-birth --- but the truth is that when that cat gets taken up in that tire --- she is basically dead meat. Anyway, while I am writing of that "beloved" musical built around one song and a bunch of chorus kids dressed up as kitties ---- I was thinking of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. ....In my opinion, this, while quite dated, is the much better musical. Like EVITA --- it actually presents a story.

Now, my sick observation is that my favorite musical number is the one where all the Romans chant "Crucify him!" while that Pontious Pilot Dude sings things to Jesus --- I love to sing along with that song. "Die! If you want to! You misguided martyr!" Yep, that is the song I seem to enjoy the most. Does this make me sick? Or is it the best number in the show?

Well, it is food for thought. And, that whole PASSION OF THE CHRIST movie is a 3 hour version of that one 10 minute song. And the movie is a big hit. Does that mean that a lot of people are just as sick as me? Maybe the only difference is that I am singing!

Oh, and I also enjoy that musical number where Herod teases Christ. It is a dandy song. Maybe, truth be told --- I really don't know how to love him.


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