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Sunday, April 18, 2004

We Need A Little Liza...

I was thinking about it and decided that Sony needs to get its act together and put that classic Bob Fosse TV special from 1972 or 1973 (I know it was the early 70's) ---- "Liza With a Z" to DVD. I mean what a great time to market Liza and the dance moves of Bob Fosse! They could even have Liza provide drunken commentary! It would be fantastic with an S! I think I remember watching it --- but I did have the LP when I was in elementary school. Didn't care for her singing voice much, but I did really enjoy this song she sang about this girl who traveled round the world to meet the love of her life and it turned out he lived next door to her back in New York. ...and she sang a Broadway version of "Son of a Preacherman" --- trust me, I am sure it caused no concern for Dusty Springfield! ha!

But, I really think that what the world need NOW ---- is a DVD presentation of Liza with a Z! Now!

I don't like the new opening sequence or song for QAF. I don't like change. I liked the original opening better! Much upset. However I really enjoyed the scene where the teen whore's mom freaked out after he kissed her and told her he was HIV positive and then she no longer wanted him to come home with her! Too funny! ...well, funny in the way the show presented it from a "dramatic" standpoint. Funny too how the accountant looks hotter when he is going thru re-hab than when he was healthy. The junkie look works for him. Oh, I am so glad Queer as Folk is back!


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