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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Fear of Nature

Well, if you have visited Karl's Blog you will note his comments regarding the similarity between our puppy and myself. I don't really disagree --- but for the record, I do not follow him around the house or cry when he goes to bed. ...And I am house trained!

However, I was thrilled to note that both Dusty and I share the same feeling for nature --- we just do not like it! We were thinking that Dusty would really enjoy an "adventure" roaming about the grass by the harbor, but instead she just seemed rather uncomfortable walking on grass and much preferred walking on wood or cement. She really disliked the wind as it messed her hair a great deal! When we walked back into the comfort of our air-conditioned condo she slided across the floor on her belly as if to cool herself.

Yes, folks --- me and our puppy were not meant for the great outdoors. We were meant to be inside, looking fabulous and sipping our water.


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