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Thursday, April 29, 2004

My Inner-Eighth Grade Girl, Eunice

As many of you know, I often fall victim to the urges of an 8th grade girl. It is the inner-13 year old girl in me that craves every bit of Hello Kitty merchandise available (excepting the Hello Kitty Vibrating Dildo --- Like, Grrrrrrrrrosss!) It is also the inner-8th grade girl that causes me to swoon over Enrique and Freddie P, Jr. ---- or the urge to purchase the new Hanson CD. She shows up at the oddest times. Like when I am watching TV and start to weep as Ross tries to express his love to Rachel, but she just doesn't see it!

Anyway, I have decided, that, after many years --- it is time to give this inner girl of mine a name. Her name is Eunice. She is a bit awkward, has acne, freckles on her nose, braces and tries to hide her face with her brown hair that is just a little too thin. She is too thin and has to wear glasses her Mom picked out. They are brown-framed glasses from the era of Bay City Rollers --- even tho it is 2004. Mom got them on sale at Wal-Mart. She likes horses, but is obsessed with Ricky Martin.

And, you should know --- it is Eunice who is FORCING me to see Mean Girls at the Boston Common Cinema tomorrow night. I suspect I will be the only adult male in the audience, but Eunice will feel better. And, really, don't we all have an inner-8th grade girl in us? Come on ...Admit it.


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