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Monday, May 03, 2004

Sick --- No, but really!

Ok --- warning this post may provide you with more info that you really want to have about moi. Anyway, this morning I woke up with a horrible bout of diarrhea. So, I skipped breakfast and settled for a soda. As I was setting up my laptop in my office --- the feeling grasped my colon again --- so I ran to the nearest restroom and gave the Hancock Tower plumbing a real run for its money. Not fun. Then I am booting up my laptop --- that feeling again. I almost made it to the restroom. I guess you could say I did make it there, but for reasons I do not need to list here --- I needed to go home and decided maybe that this was not the best day for me to be at work. So, I went home (quickly!) sick.

Now, as many of you may remember I suffered a severe attack of depression which caused me to be hospitalized for a while last year. It was horrible and I ended up being out of work on leave for close to 6 months. It was pure Hell. I would never want to go through it again ---nor do I think I could even manage to go through it again.

Anyway, once you get that sick people treat you differently. They look at you different. ...And if you should happen to feel a little down --- say, because a dear friend is suffering through cancer or something or there might have been a bad argument at home so your spirits might not be as high as usual. ....Then EVERYONE is worried that you are on some NIN downward spriral or something.

So, I got sick today ---- but I think everyone is worried that I am sinking back into depression. And, yes, I've been down as of late --- but I am back in therapy. I am OK. And, for the record --- I had/have a stomach bug or something. Regardless, I had intestinal issues. I was sick. Really -- just sick. No biggie -- I expect to be back at work tomorrow.

...actually, now that I think about it --- maybe the cheeziness of QAF last night made me get sick! Am still struggling with Ted's bad lip syncing.


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