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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Lazy Sunday with David Lynch, The Matrix and Thoughts of Ute

So much rain today. We both felt lazy. After a most unhealthy breakfast, Karl and I went to the grocery store. He decided he did not want to join me for a movie and I decided that I really didn't want to go alone. So we ended up staying in the house and watching my way cool DVD of Twin Peaks. I think Karl even kind of liked it --- tho, one can't be sure.

We then watched The Matrix as I hadn't seen it in a year or two and wanted to "prep" for the sequel coming out later in the year. I was also a bit inspired by the little Ani-Matrix short that was shown with that silly new horror movie, Dreamcatcher. Karl was most likely the last person on the planet to have not seen The Matrix. He hated it and seemed to almost have a violent hatred for the film and has vowed that he will not see the sequel. Tho, he did admit that Mr.Reeves is hot. I find Morpheus, or Larry Fishburne must hotter.

Am getting excited about the tickets Karl scored for us to see Ute Lemper next month! I need to pick up her new CD! I believe that Laurie Anderson collaborated with her on it. I've loved Ute Lemper since I first heard her sing on PBS back in the late '80's. She is fantastic and I've read she is quite a performer. We just missed catching her in her Broadway run of Chicago several years ago. I do not think she performs much in the US.

Is anyone out there familiar with an artist by the name of Patricia Kaas? I've recently discovered her stuff and like what I've heard quite a bit. I guess she did a film with Jeremy Irons that will be released in the US this summer. She has a great voice. Too bad I don't understand a word of French. Someday, I really need to learn that language and get my ass to Paris --- and London, of course! I think those are two of the places I would most like to see/visit!

Back to work for tomorrow. Am looking forward to it -- tho, not to sorting through all of the backlog that is probably awaiting me. I also have to finalize several more key medical appointments later this week. The fun just never stops!

OH! Baby Update! My pal, Ellen, should be gearing up any hour now to head to the hospital to have the baby! We are all excited. Am sure she and Chuck are way-more excited and anxious -- but just thought I would mention it!

Saturday, March 29, 2003

A Forgotten Purchase and Too Much Joy Division...

I have a tendency to impulse purchase. Luckily, I do not impulse purchase big things. Instead, I tend to gravitate toward compact discs, DVD's and books. Still, these things add up quickly. Just ask Karl about our ever-expanding DVD/CD collection. Sometimes I will buy something and just forget about it.

I used to love David Lynch's TV show, Twin Peaks. I gave up on it, tho after the first season. I mean, it was pissing me off that he wasn't identifying Laura Palmer's killer after a full season. However, I got all excited when the first season was released on a DVD set last year. I was crushed to discover that 'they' decided to leave out the original 2 hour pilot episode which set the whole series up. Several weeks ago I came across a used DVD in a box covered with Japanese lettering that claimed to be the original pilot episode of Twin Peaks. It was not clear if it would play on US DVD players, but at only $15, I decided to take a chance. I forgot all about it until a few minutes ago. I plugged it in and it plays wonderfully with great quality!!! As it is now almost 1:30 AM, I've decided to watch it later. Besides, Karl is fast asleep and I do not think he ever experienced Twin Peaks -- so I want to share it with him! Cool!

Oh, and I played my Joy Division CD in the car today. I played it a lot. Too much, in fact. I was getting bummed. So, I tried playing Olivia Newton John, but somehow listening to "Physical" seemed so very wrong after having sung along with "Love Will Tear Us Apart" --- I was so caught-up in the goth-synth-memory of it all. When I got home, I quickly replaced the Joy Division CD in my CD carrying case with my New Order CD. I figure that this is a good compromise as New Order is really Joy Division with a sunnier attiitude! ...sort of. ...in a way.

Matt Goes to the Movies and Returns to Work Next Week!

Aside from having a lovely brunch with Petie and Duncan and an equally lovely dinner with Christopher and Robert --- I've also managed to see 2 new movies this weekend. Thought I would offer my views on both of these art house films.

I have been waiting for quite a while to see SPUN This film offers us a few days in the life of several speed freaks. Now, if you're planning on seeing it you may want to skip my comments because there may be a few spoliers. From an art perspective, Spun is done quite well. The director, Jonas Akerlund, has a very distinct and interesting style --- both of which are used at maximum volume for the duration of the film. There is also nothing pedictable or even remotely-mainstream about this movie. However, when you consider that this is the mastermind behind such cutting-edge videos as The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" and Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy" --- you would not expect the average drug addict movie anyway.

The casting is certainly of interest. Tho, I do wonder how Mena Suvari's agent pitched this film to her. I can just imagine some suit saying something like, "Mena! This is your chance to really break out of that cheerleader image and show the world that you can play a spun-out speed junkie with bad teeth! You have to do this movie!" ...he probably failed to tell her that she would be filmed from the vantage point of a toilet taking a dump. I don't know, maybe that is every young performer's dream. ...it certainly was not my dream to see it.

I already knew that Ms. Suvari, Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo and Jason Schwartzman could act. However, I did not know they could look dirtier than Mickey Rourke -- but they all can and do! I swear, I think the screen was projecting a foul stench throughout the screening. I mean, Mickey looked down right clean in comparison to the other thespians. I should note that Debbie Harry fared well as a butch lesbian and she got to kick some major homophobic butt in one of the flick's better scenes! Eric Roberts wore the gayest wig in the history of gay wigdom and after over a decade's worth of Wigstocks -- i think this says a lot!

As creative as the production for SPUN is, I think we all need to pause and pose that eternal question --- when does art become porn? I suspect this film crosses that line. Even Ron Jeremy and several strippers featured looked embarassed...I wonder how much Leguizamo got paid to do that scene with the sock? ...not enough I should think! Anyway, all-in-all I didn't really care for this movie all that much and I have to say that the numerous warnings that the Kendall Square Cinema had posted lived up to their warnings. The shock factor was high for this one! The editing and look of the film was still quite interesting.

I also saw Laurel Canyon for which most reviews have been bad. I LOVED this movie. In fact, I think it is the best I've seen for 2003. Of course I am a sucker for movies that explore bad parent/child relationships and Frances McDormand who can do no wrong as an actress if you ask me! Christian Bale ain't bad eye candy, either! Anyway, I do rec. this one! It was close to being sold out and the audience seemed to really be into it. Unlike the audience for SPUN which seemed either frightened or way too into being spun'd themselves to care. It also carried that cool '70's ambivalent vibe we seldom see now. Film makers seem so eager to explain everything --- I like an open story with all sorts of possibilities. ....like life.

Tomorrow, Karl and I plan to see Nowhere in Africa which looks really good. I am also quite eager to see the new Holly Hunter film, Levity. Holly Hunter rules.

I am allowed to return to work on Monday and am seeing a doctor Monday night to check my meds. Am feeling really rested and am looking forward to getting back to work. Mainly, I miss my boss. I dread the thought of trying to catch up, tho! Wouldn't it be cool if one could just toss out all the work that has been put to the side while one is out and just focus on new/incoming work!?!?! Oh well.

Looks like I am scheduled for another round of appointments in early April and surgery in May for my nose to correct septum and bleeding issue. That will mean a short term disability from work of 10 days. ugh. Oh well, no more gum grafting for awhile anyway! That is saying something! I just hope my teeth don't fall out by the fall! ha!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Decorative Track Lighting Options and Eric Carmen

So, the new cool thing is to have these bauble-like lights hanging from twisted steel cords from the track. These little designer fixtures are quite expensive. While I do like them, I worry that if we were to invest and replace our current dull ones we might end up regretting in a few years. I mean, could these decorative bulbs go the way of all those 80's Nagel prints?

What ever happened to Eric Carmen? I wonder if he is still all by himself soaking up the royalties earned from Celine Dion's cover of his sad, sad song. I wonder if Eric has track lighting. If he does, I doubt he has invested in those cool bauble bulbs. However, if Richard Marx has track lighting, I would be willing to bet money that he has 'em! I bet we could even find some Patrick Nagel prints in Richard's closet!

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

...because you need to ----

OK, so I am sure many will not venture out to see Crispin Glover in "Willard", but you owe it to yourself to visit the official Willard web site and watch the video of Mr. Glover sing that old Michael Jackson chestnut, "Ben". Trust me. You really need to watch THIS. I doubt that we'll be seeing it on MTV or VH1 anytime soon. This will probably be your only chance.

...and you may find yourself asking, "Yes, but is it art?" I am unable to answer this question, but somewhere --- David Lynch must be very proud of Crispin.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

You know, if you search around the net long enough and you find the koolest things --- like the official website for Tura Satana! Way Cool! Looks like she is still working on it, but you gotta give the woman credit for being so detailed in her bio! Sadly, no news on a DVD release of Russ Meyer's classic film in which Ms. Satana kicked some major ass! This is one of those films which is so very bad it comes all the way around to good again! I think it is still available on video, but who watches video anymore? Ugh! Anyway, I think it is neat that she has created her own site!

Ok, I am getting bored with this doctor-mandated week at home. The increase in the meds do make me a little sleepy, but it is really no big deal. The Nortriptyline increase really is helping me sleep at night. I've actually been waking up feeling refreshed! This is great considering how poorly I had been sleeping. Also, I seem to be thinking clearly. For the last couple of weeks it seemed that all of my thoughts were getting jumbled up and I felt like an absent minded prof! The only downside I've experienced is that I think the Nortriptyline gives me a slight headache. I can deal with that to avoid what I had been going through this past couple of weeks!

I would very much like to go back to work tomorrow and get caught-up. However, I guess I should follow the doctors' advise. I was instructed to not think of work for the remainder of the week. Ugh! I was told that after the first 2 days of med adjustment I could venture out for walks/swims and even a movie. We will see. I want to be sure am alert enough to drive without risk to anyone or myself. I think I am, tho. I didn't sleep all that much today. Woke up at 7:40AM and took a nap around 1:00PM for an hour or so.

Mostly, I've just been bored. Walked to local video store and purchased some DVD's. Picked up Femme Fatale which I really loved in the theatre! DePalma back in his best place --- the psycho-sexual mind-f**k! Also got the British film, 24 Hour Party People. I certainly love all the music from that era so it looks like something I would like. Missed it when it came out in the theatres here. I think it chronicles the very beginnings of bands like New Order, Joy Division --- and, The Sex Pistols, of course!

I really miss Kate Bush. I've been reading about her "next album" for well over a year. Last year, Q magazine interviewed her and I got my hopes up, but it doesn't look like it will be headed our way any time soon. I guess she really is suspended in gafa now.

Oh! This is a great group. Their new CD totally rules and I highly rec. it! World music with a twist of funk.

Melon Dezign is some sort of design company based out of Paris. The site is pointless, but I am drawn to it at any rate. It is oddly hypnotic. In particular, I enjoy playing the toe piano contained in one of their little musical graphics.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Willy Wonka ---- Oh, Yeah!

In my most recent post I listed some celebs for whom I've always held crushes. I later realized that I left off one of the most significant --- Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka! Most hot! Is it his big red top hat? His curly locks? His manic stare? The big olive-colored bow ties? The purple jacket? Who knows! But in Willy Wonka, Mr. Wilder def. had it goin' on!

You know, as much as I love the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, As that link confirms, I have to say that the movie is rather disturbing and should not be viewed by children. At times creepy, hidden pro-drug messages and an uncomfortable sexual undertone throughout -- I just love it! In addition, I feel a strong connection to the character of Veruca Salt. Yes, I fear that I am too, a bad egg just waiting to be discarded down the chute to oblivion --- but my shoes always rock!

I am a bit out of it today. I've been having some pretty intense panic attacks --- associated with my many doctor visits and this diagnosis for the genetic disorder. Anyway, I was having trouble thinking/functioning and had not had a decent night of sleep in several days. My shrink increased my meds and I was instructed to take the next 4 days to rest and adjust to the medication. I've basically been asleep since 10:30 PM last night. Thought I would just go on-line for a few minutes before I take the next dose and doze again. Have to admit, I have not felt this well in some time. I think I desperately needed the sleep.

Speaking of rest --- I really love Roberta Flack. Her song stylings are so unique. It always sounds as if she is just sort of singing to herself and making the song up as she goes. I mean this in a good way, but I find her style quite interesting. ...and soothing. I fear that she is, indeed, killing me softly with her song.

Sure wish I was friends with Miss Kittin. I think she would be most interesting to hang with and share a glass of champaign. She released a new remix CD last week. I purchased it, but have yet to play it. I am sure it is awesome, though. As I am not to leave the house while my meds adjust, Karl is to pick up the new Celine Dion CD for me. I think he is embarrassed about having to make this purchase. I just don't know why. I feel that if Celine plays her cards right she could take over the throne of Barbra. However, I fear that this 5 year Vegas gig may be a real career killer.

My copy of the DVD for Sordid Lives came in the other day. Perhaps if I am not too sleepy, I will plug it and watch it. This is an amazingly wondderful film! I highly rec.it! We saw it last summer in P'Town. I guess there is some movie theatre in Nebraska which has been showing it for well over a year. Hmmmm...

Hope the above ramblings make some form of sense.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Hangin'-Out in Brookline and Odd Sexual Attractions...

After a lazy morning, I decided to take a drive to Brookline and catch the "new" David Cronenberg film, Spider Very grim and twisted, but I rather liked it. I guess it was released last year, but is only now making it to the US. I had forgotten how talented Miranda Richardson is as an actress. She was in The Hours, but they didn't give her very much to do in that one. She is awesome in this movie!

OK, so Ralphie Fiennes stars in Spider. He mumbles the whole time so I couldn't understand anything he said, but it didn't matter to me because I think he is hot. In fact, I thought he was hot in this movie. I mentioned this to the lady sitting next to me (she knew me from 10 years ago -- I still can't think of her name or why she knew me, but that is a whole other blog!) Anyway, this woman who did apparently know me commented that my taste in men was always a bit off. True, Ralph was in homeless gear and drooling through most of his scenes. On my way home I was thinking about it. Maybe I am a bit off, but Mr. Fiennes rocks my world. I actually think Karl looks a bit like him! Cool! Note: Karl dresses quite well and does not ever drool or mumble. If you don't believe me, check him out! Karl is most hot! He is really the one who rocks my world.

Anyway, here is a quick list of other celebs for whom I have had crushes. Please note that these crushes may be limited to a certain time or certain movie role.

Ralph Fiennes (anytime, anywhere)
Alice Cooper (circa 1975 in his full scary make-up)
Tom Petty (pref. circa late 70's/early 80's)
Rif Raff from the film version of Rocky Horror (something about that hump!)
Roger Daltrey (circa 1975)
Paul Rudd (anytime, anywhere)
That dude who played the father on the original "Family Affair" tv show. Uncle Bill was hot!
Little Ricky's dad from "Silver Spoons"
Wilem DaFoe as Jesus
The guy who took over for drumming responsibilities for the Who after Keith Moon died. What was his name?
Dee Dee Ramone

Now, I ask --- are my tastes really so odd? I think not!

I guess it has been close to a year since I last visited Brookline. I really enjoyed just walking around and looking in the shops. I purchased a new book. It is called Kick Me and looks to be quite funny.

I guess I will be finding out more about my MRI-MRA and other fun things this week. I am going to make Karl go with me when I meet with the specialist because I tend to get a bit freaked-out and then forget everything they've told me by the time I leave. My hope is that his schedule will allow him to join me at these appointments. Am trying not to worry about it. Just going with the flow.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Brain Matters

Well, after several months of minor, but quite annoying health issues I was diagnosed with HHT --- also known as Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. It is a genetic disorder (given to me by way of my Dad's gene pool) of the blood vessels which affects about one in 10,000 people. The tendency is for the body to form blood vessels that lack the capillaries between an artery and vein. This means that arterial blood under high pressure flows directly into a vein without having to squeeze the very small capillaries. This place where an artery is connected directly to the a vein, tends to be a fragile site that can rupture and results in quite a bit of bleeding. These abnormal blood vessels are called telangiectasis, if it involves small blood vessels. If it involves larger blood vessels it is called an AVM --- which could be thought of as a big telangiectasis. I have one way up inside my right nostril. Lovely. This will have to zapped off with laser surgery in order to correct. Back in '95 an AVM was discovered in one of my lungs and had to be corrected with surgery, but I was not diagnosed with HHT then and I haven't thought much of it sesne.

However, before this will be corrected we have to address my brain. A catscan revealed what was, at first, thought to have been a stroke. yikes. Then it was suspected that I might have one or tow AVM's in my brian. YIKES! So, after much anxiety, I had an MRI-MRA performed yesterday. I received some good news today with the results --- no AVM's in my brain!!!! But there are 2 contusions. ? I will be seeing a neurologists next week to discuss those and why I have them.

Having HHT means that an individual will need to have his/her body "screened" ever 2 to 3 years. Screening invloves MRI's, blood tests and those fun things known as colonoscopies! FUN! not. Anyway, as long as I stay on top of things all should be ok.

Anyway, looks like my brain is ok with some concern. Now it is on to the cardiovascular and blood levels --- then focus on the nose. Until am done with the screening I am to delay all dental procedures. So I view this as a break from gum grafting and yet another excuse to not bother with bar bells and stair masters! So, am feeling a great deal of relief. Almost passed out at the clinic as they withdrew blood -- cause I am a spaz. But it was freaking me out to have a genetics team of doctors discuss my brain, heart and worrying blood levels. I did not cope well. I was going nuts all day today as I awaited the results of my brain scan. The good news was so good to receive, but I feel like a migraine is coming on. Those of you who suffer from them will know what I mean. I hope I am wrong --- but I am normally on the money. Migraine is about to hit. Oh joy. At least tomorrow is Friday.

Oh, and how about this war? UGH!

well, at least there is no brain surgery in my immediate future.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Bone-Crunching Cuteness!

We had a lovely day in New England! The sun was out and it got close to 50 degrees! After a yummy breakfast with Karl and Duncan, I sat out to see a movie but ended-up driving about for better part of the day. I did stop off at Newbury Comix where I purchased the DVD of way-cool cartoons of The Happy Tree Friends! As the art work on the box announces, this DVD is "cute, cuddly and horribly wrong!" I can't wait to watch it! Duncan turned me on to the wonderous Happy Tree Friends. It is his fault I've become a cartoon pervert!

I also picked up DVD's of "Cruel Intentions" (classic bad-fun-camp movie featuring Buffy gone all nasty!), "Relax, It's Just Sex" (fun gay kalifornia movie!) and Larry Clark's "Bully" which was one of the better films of 2002. I also picked up the Ani DiFranco CD. It is just OK -- not really all that great. I think she needs to move away from this whole New Orleans jazz sound. I just don't care for all of the horns.

Well, almost time for Queer As Folk. My gay soap opera of choice. Will Justin return to Bryan? Will the prof leave Michael? Will Michael's Mom finally learn the proper rules of oral gratification thanks to Emmett? All these and other questions will be answered tonight!!! Am I the only one who thinks Justin looks kind of stumpy? I mean, it's like his legs are just way-too short for his body. However, I have to say that Stumpy's hair is looking pretty good this season! ...I should be so stumpy! Ugh!

Saturday, March 15, 2003

3 More Days!

...til Ellen and Chuck are due to have their baby! I guess that should be phrased, til Ellen is due to have she and Chuck's baby! I just can't believe it is already that close! Where in the hell does time go?!?!?!? We'll know the babe's name soon!

A Shout Out to Doug!
Doug -- where are you? Drop me a line or something, dude! You should have been with us tonight for the concert. Where are you?

Exploring Grey Gardens, Amelie Goes Mental, Karl Curses At Rude Mechanics, Sonny Bono Dolls, Gay Men Singing and Matt Discovers the Fine Art of Window Fashions and Domestic Stylings!!

When folks talk about the movies that matter they often refer to such classics as "Casablanca" "Citizen Cane" "Raging Bull" "The Conformist" or "Gone With the Wind", but for me no list of great cinematic art would be complete without the mid 70's documentary study of two painfully unreal real women, Grey Gardens. If you've not seen this movie, you should be ashamed. The saga of Big Edie and her wonderous daughter, Little Edie, is one for the ages. It may take a couple of viewings, but this movie will really get under your skin. And I do mean that in a good way.

Funny, campy, sad, uncomfortably voyeuristic, liberating and ultimately touching --- this film says so much about human relationships and the disturbing passage of time. It also provides you with some fantatastic quotes suitable for parties and business meetings. Little Edie dispenses one zen phrase after another without even thinking. And her big musical moment is one not too be missed. Tennessee Williams could not have created more out-there characters than these two amazing women. ...and, the thing is, that as "out there" as they both are --- there is no getting around the fact that you will find something in them that you know is in yourself. A must see! The importance of "Grey Gardens" can't be ignored. For those of you with the DVD, be sure to wait after the film plays to hear the hidden audio interview with Little Edie recorded just after Al Gore lost his bid for the presidency! I do so wish I had been old enough in the 70's to have seen the cabaret act she performed! That must have been magic!

Last night my pal, Jen, and I saw a great movie. While not anywhere near the same artistic level of "Grey Gardens" it was much fun and provided us the opportunity to see what we've all suspected for quite some time ----that Amelie chick is a bomb of horror just waiting to go off at any minute! If you doubt that, see the new French film, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, but be warned --- Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction" will seem sweet once you've seen Amelie take a turn for the dark side! The movie takes more than a few sick and twisted turns. I really enjoyed it. While it is new to the US, I think it came out in France last year. I love French films. I should have been born French. I should be living in France having tea with Isabelle Huppert and Francois Ozon, Dammit! Sadly, all I can say in French is, "Je suis fromage"

Speaking of ticking mental time bombs, Karl displayed a new deminsion of his personality today. We attempted to get our annual car inspetion completed. The mechanics were quite rude. This is not unusual. It is been my experience that many mechanics are scary and wield their power in the cruelest of ways. I mean, it is never like what you see in porn movies! There is just no servicing to be had. Anyway, the mechanics we encountered today decided to have us park outside one of their closed-off garages for a 30 minute wait. 45 minutes later, Karl got out of the car and asked if they would be ready to inspect the car soon as we had already been waiting close to an hour. All 3 of the mechanics were quite busy smoking cigs and discussing female body parts so they explained to Karl that it would be another hour. Karl cursed them out and stormed back to the car. He then proceeded to rant about everything from the president to the lady who made the error of blocking the interstate so that we missed a green light. It was a most worrying situation, but he seems to be doing a bit better now. The car, however, remains uninspected.

My spirtual sister, Jenny, was so upset that she was unable to secure all those large Cher heads for me that she went out and got me a genuine Sonny Bono doll circa 1974!!! She is also trying to secure a John "Vinnie Barbarito" Travolta doll for me! Jenny totally rocks!

Tonight we attended the "controversial" performance by the fabulous Boston Gay Men's Chorus, at St.Peter's Episcopal Church in our lovely town of Salem! It was pretty cool ---- the church was at max capacity and the Chorus ruled the night with an exceptional performance! We had a blast. We attended with some hot dudes by the name of Petie, Duncan, Robert, Chris, Jim and Jim (otherwise known in these parts as "The Two Jim's") ---- and I finally got to meet "The Two Bob's" who, from what I hear, give the coolest party to be found on the North Shore. I made a point of inviting myself to this party and was assured that I would receive an invitation! It was a great night!

Oh! And the curtain lady came over today to take measurements for our windows. And, surprise! I really liked her. She was most cool and had some great advise. My fears related to curtains have subsided and am now ready to embrace window fashion in the most intimate of ways! Can't wait for the installation!

We were so inspired that we decided to move into Phase Two of our condo improvement project! Yes, we are purchasing all new living room furniture tomorrow. At least this is the plan. After so many years together, Karl and I discovered something rather disturbing. We do not like the same styles of furniture. ...at all. We were on the verge of ending it and going our separate ways when we stumbled upon the perfect sofa. So, all is fine and good in the world of domestic life! However, we now must work through that pesty issue of dining tables!

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Pushing Density

So, I didn't do too well with my food intake. I ate a lot. Basically, I ate the world. As I digest, I realize that this may have been a real mistake. I am committed, tho and --- tomorrow, it is me and SlimFast against them all! I can do it. I just know that I can!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Celebrities on a Bad Day ---- my fave is Liz Taylor. If anyone wishes to purchase for me, I would not mind.

He Hit Me, and It Felt Like a Kiss

Well, OK, not really. It felt like he smaked me up on the side of the head. It was not much fun. When I asked him why he had hit me? He said, "I don't know. It just seemed like the right thing to do"

Monday, March 10, 2003


We are contemplating the purchase and installation of curtains for our living room. I've never been much of a curtain person. I like blinds. Big, solid, wooden, manly blinds. However, we want to block the sun to keep the place cooler this summer. Also, once I am able to cover the windows I can get back into my nude modern ballet experiments. Anyway, I am a little nervous about investing in curtains. Am worried I will walk in and discover big frilly curtains covered in floral patterns. Hmmmm. We've made arrangements for a designer rep from Macy's to come over this Saturday and give us a quote and some suggestions. We shall see. Maybe we can go all gothic.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Russian Sunday, Gay Sunday Night

We had a lovely breakfast with Petie and Duncan. Then I sat out for my big Movie Sunday. I saw "Russian Ark" I kept wanting to really like this film, but I think I should have re-freshed my memory of Russian history prior to going into the theater. I really had very little clue as to what was going on ---- just remembered some of the names, but no background info re: Catherine II or Nick & Alex. However, it was cool to see the famous Hermitage Museum and I thought it was cool that the director filmed the whole thing in one shot. So, I appreciated and noted the artistic and historical merit --- but felt a bit sleepy by the end. Oh, and the ending was pretty cool!

As I stepped out of the Kendall Square Cinema, I realized what a beautiful day we were enjoying so I opted to come home and pick up Karl for a bit of Sunday driving. We didn't do much driving, but it is Sunday. Basically, we drove to the grocery store and purchased more food that will go bad before we end up eating it.

Oh, and we did a bit of detective work. For the past week we've been drivin crazy by some sort of spotlight which shines directly into our living room. It is quite obnoxious. We had assumed it must be some sort of construction spot that needed to be angled down. Turns out it is some wierd-ass spot light that Wendy's (down a street that faces our building) has installed at their drive-thru. So, I guess we need to call the police and the mayor's office to get Wendy's to either turn their spotlight off of us or go pelt big rocks at it til it bursts.

Nothing big planned for Sunday evenging ---- other than an exciting hour around the TV at 10:00 PM EST to watch the sleazy US soap version of Queer As Folk! Not anywhere near as good as the UK show, but much more fun. A sort of R-rated Melrose Place gone totally gay. We are so addicted. I am sure that Six Feet Under, OZ and The Sopranos are much better --- but this is so much fun we've decided to stick with Showtime and skip the whole HBO thing.

...a minor change in plans --- led me back to the movies tonight. I was able to see "City of God" ---- powerful, gritty and I think this place in Brazil may just as well be Hell. Most disturbing.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Genital Puppetry, Lost Cher Heads and Life in the Burbs!

Puppetry of the Penis was really funny. ...a little painful to watch some of the folding, tugging and twisting --- but a most funny and unusal evening of entertainment. Not nearly as perverted as one might think, but it defintely has an edge to it! We had dinner at Laurel and it was really good eats! We had a blast.

I felt bummed as we drove out of Boston and back to the North Shore of New England. I like Salem, but I do miss the living in the city.

I am making tomorrow my movie day! I plan on seeing at least 2 movies tomorrow. Will see "Russian Ark" and "City of God" I've been wanting to see both of those for a while now. I may try to take in "Lost in LaMancha" as well, but 3 movies in one day might be a bit much for even me!

I got an email from my pal today regarding those foot tall Cher heads she was trying to secure for me --- she wrote, "DAMN!! I was outbid on the Cher heads!! Some ass bid $55 and beat me!! I am so sorry, I thought for sure I had it won!!" Oh well. To be honest, I think I was really more thrilled at being asked if I would like to have six 12" Cher heads --- than to actually be in receipt of the heads themselves. I mean, what a wonderous question to be posed!

I dance the body electric and celebrate the me yet to come! I toast to my own reunion when I become one with the sun! ---- FAME!

Friday, March 07, 2003

I wonder if this is real?

I have been enjoying these Cynical Rantings. Well written and fun to read.


My copy of the new CD by Black Box Recorder arrived. I love it --- if you've enjoyed their other stuff, you will like this one! If you are not aware of them --- check them out! I don't think it is avaiable here in the US yet --- import only.

A Sparkling Weekend of TV, Nude Wrestling, Russian Art and Penis Manipulation!

When I was in college I dreamed of the time I would be free of school, out of Texas and enjoying incredible sparkling Friday nights. Well, I've been out of college for 13 years this coming December and just wanted to report that I am totally free of school, out of Texas and am spending an exciting Friday night watching TV. As Meatloaf once sang, 2 outta 3 ain't bad and I certainly am not trying to drill for oil on a city street.

I had planned on seeing Russian Ark, but I was so tired after work that I decided I just couldn't be bothered with driving to Cambridge. I do plan to try and catch it on Sunday. So, looks like I will be watching the newly released DVD version of Women In Love! This was the really the last "normal" film Ken Russell ever made. He sort of went off the deep end after this one. I much prefer his insane period to his literay moments. However, one can't beat watching Alan Bates and Oliver Reed (circa 1969) wrestling nude! Repressed bear-love at it's best!

Tomorrow night we are finally seeing Puppetry of the Penis! Am really looking forward to it. Have been waiting oh so very long! I had to convince Karl, Petie and Duncan, but I think they will enjoy it as well.

My boss will be out of the office for the next 6 business days attending a mandatory meeting with my firm's big wigs. I am probably the only person on the planet who dreads it when the boss isn't there! But I will survive! Just like Gloria Gaynor.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Uh, Oh --- Dream Post!!!

Last night I dreamt I was walking down a flight of stairs. I was enjoying the walk until I caught the scent of moth balls sort of creeping up behind me. I heard a warped recording of a female voice warning, "Walk with care or you might slip and fall!" I turned around and discovered an 8 foot tall Mrs. Beasley doll looking down at me!!!! Of course, I slipped and fell down the stairs. I landed in a big pink box. Elizabeth "Showgirls!" Berkley was in the box with me. She sighed and commented, "Never trust a doll dressed so poorly. That doll is trouble with a capital 'T'!"

that was my dream --- and this is my post for today. sorry so dull.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

The Return of Mrs. Beasley!
You know how there was always that one toy you wanted, but never got? Well, I had more than one --- but that is a whole different sort of blog notation. Anyway, I always wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll --- just like the one Buffy clutched throughout the run of "Family Affair" I was drawn to the idea of having a doll of an old lady.

I am still drawn to this concept. Who needs a teddy bear or a Barbie? ...well, OK -- I guess I need a teddy bear and a Barbie ---- but wouldn't it be cool to have a doll that has to wear glasses, an ugly dress and a bad hair style?!?!?! And, now for the new century --- they've given her a voice chip! Apparently she says things like, "Speak a little louder so I can hear you!" and that other sentence children love to hear, "I am so tired!" The voice is provided by former 70's hottie, Cheryl Ladd. At first, I thought this was a bummer --- but upon further reflection, I have to say that this is pure marketing genius!

We all need a Talking Mrs. Beasley Doll!

For those of you who may have noticed the comments to yesterday's post, Karl claims I was exaggerating about his bowling-induced pains. I was not. To make up for his false claim, I feel he should get me a Mrs. Beasley doll.

And I wanted to make a quick note about my pal, Doug! He rocks! --- and he made a valid point regarding the perils of bowling.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Bowling Hurts

Karl went bowling this past weekend. Not normal size bowling, but candle stick bowling. He has been complaining that his entire body aches ever since. This happened the last time we went bowling. I don't know. I have never experienced "the burn" from bowling, but maybe I am odd. Strike that. I know that I am odd, but I have been in pain after jogging or doing reps with weights. All I am saying is that I do understand the concept of "the burn" --- but from candle stick bowling?!?!?

Candle Stick Bowling. ...the power work-out for the new millennium.

Finally saw the specialist today regarding my "sinus issue" ---- they are going to "correct" my deviated septum. I am not even sure if that is how "septum" is spelled. Am feeling too lazy to check the spelling. The thing that really sucks is that this will not be a nose job. It is not cosmetic. The procedure will open up my nasal passages --- which will then allow my "sinus issue" to clear-up.

So, I get to go through a painful ordeal, but get no cosmetic benefit. I think this sucks. On the plus side, I get to delay my next round of dental torture (AKA gum-grafting!) for a month or so. There will be a 7 to 10 recovery days required. This means I will never catch up with work. I will be playing catch-up at work for the rest of my natural life. At least I will be breathing better!

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Got Cher Head(s)?

I just received an email from one of my best friends. Imagine my joy when I came upon this portion of the email:

I found a place to buy old Cher doll heads that are 12 inches big!! I have to buy them in lots of 6. Would you like 6 large Cher heads? Has that question EVER been typed anytime in the history of our world?

Of course I responded with affirmative "Hell, yes! I need those 6 large Cher heads!" ---- I suspect we all could use some large Cher heads at one time or another.

Still feel like crap. We had dinner plans with our pals, Peter and Duncan. I couldn't go. Karl is there now. He is probably having a lot of fun. I, on the other hand, am watching bad tv and thinking about trying a bit of food. oh well. At least I know I've got a bundle of Cher heads on the way!

Random Thoughts From a Sickly Dude...
THIS is very funny. I found it thanks to boyz at
FunJunkie! I am also enjoying this cynical life! Am really starting to get into this TV show. Well, I am going to go lie down now.

Under the Weather and Over the Top

I think stress from work has gotten the best of me. I dreamt about work all night and work up feeling rather cruddy. Karl and I were to go to the Cape today to visit his parents and celebrate his father's brithday, but as we drove on to the expressway I realized I was going to be sick. So, we had to drive all the way back to the house. ---- and here I am on a beautiful Saturday feeling sick. This is not a healthy situation. Ugh! That is it --- am going to go to bed and bite my pillow.