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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Turkey Day

Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for! The most important of which is Karl.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Cape for turkey dinner with his parents and then we will put up our Christmas tree tomorrow night.

A good pal of mine, Alan, is coming over from San Francisco to spend the weekend with us. This probably means I will not be able to blog till next week, but I will be back!

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Diversity @ An Acccounting Firm and Mommy & Daddy

My firm just took a very big and positive step --- they have formed a firm-sponsored network for gay, lesbian and transgeneder employees! It was just announced today as a part of the firm's commitment to celebrating diversity in the work place and continuing to focus on developing policies to retain valuable employees. This is a big deal for one of the Big Four! I am very pleased.

Employees are allowed to join this network as a "private" or a "public" member. I, of course, have joined as a public member! Our first conference call is on 12/11! Am all excited. Thus far we are a little over 500 strong! I am always walking around seeing signs about diversity in the work place focused on women, African-Americans, Asian population, Mexican population ----- and have always been annoyed that we were being ignored as there are plenty of family here in this one office. Anyway, now we are officially a part of the diversity focus of the firm! Most cool!

Months ago I placed an order for an import CD by the way-cool NYC underground electro band, Mommy & Daddy. Although they are American artists, their one CD is only available in the UK. Anyway, I forgot I had ordered it. The CD arrived today and I am all excited! I love Mommy & Daddy! Daddy is kind of hot in a downtown dirty kind of way. Mommy is quite the looker.

Monday, November 24, 2003


You may remember that I had a cancer scare a few months ago, but the doctors determined it was a side effect from a medication I was taking. I stopped taking the medication ---- but the problem I was experiencing continued and still continues. So I went back to the doctor today and that think it is some sort of harmonal disorder brought on by the various medications I've had to take over the past seven months. I will be going through a series of blood works and a possible mamogram to completely rule out the concern regarding cancer. All in all it was a very fun day at the Harvard Clinic. I don't know. This just hasn't been my year. However, I remind myself things could always be a hell of a lot worse. Forgive me. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself.

On the bright side, my shoes look fabulous!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

You Better Not Cry --- And, You Better Not Pout!

We're off on our annual ride to Waltham, MA to purchase cool Christmas cards from this odd little toy store. We like to be unique in the card-giving experience. Anyway, this is my official sign that the holiday season has really arrived -- never mind that I've been planning holiday gifts and decorations for my office all of last week. The card trek to Waltham really means that the xmas shit is about to go down! So, Karl has already had me pull out the Christmas CD's to play in the car. I would much rather wait till after Thanksgiving next week, but he is ready to hear Steive Nicks croon "Silent Night" and the Carnie Sisters belt out "Hey Santa!" ...It is not that I dislike Christmas music. I particularly enjoy Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" CD --- all those children on Valium singing "Christmas Time Is Here" --- I just love that. I mean it sounds like they are orphans waiting for a holiday visit from Joan Crawford and Bette Davis or something. Anyway, it all starts today.

One of my best pals, Alan, is coming in from San Francisco this weekend and is going to stay with us for 3 days. We are going out clubbing to Boston gay club, Ramrod, which I frequented or "tooled about" a lot in my single days. Now, I fear I will look uncomfortable and old. I will certainly not be removing my shirt to enter the naughty area --- that is for sure! I will probably go downstairs to the newer preppy hangout. Alan has been in SF for over 6 years now --- so he most likely has lost touch with the Boston stand-off in the clubs. I will have to remind him.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Thomas Returns!

I'm so psyched! Thomas
has returned to the world of blogging! I've been missing his blog. And I am so glad to see his cute face back on the net! He is a real cutie. I suspected he will be single for only a little bit longer. sigh.

Hope everyone has had a nice Saturday. The weather was so nice today. I love sweater weather! Saw a couple of movies today --- "Shattered Glass" and "Pieces of April" -- both were quite good. ...I think I am in love with that actor, Peter Sarsgaard. I am not really familiar with him at all, but he was most hot in "Glass"!

Karl played poker tonight. He lost. I didn't want to go. I get bored with card games. I get all twitchy.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Gothic Night on the Town

My best pal, Bethie, is taking me out for a belated birthday celebration. She is treating me to dinner at my fave restaurant and then we're going to see the spooky new Halle Berry movie, Gothika. Which I believe is directed by the hot boyfriend from "Amelie"

Work has been a real challenge as of late --- so I am looking forward to getting to the weekend. Next week will be a very short work week with Thanksgiving and all. My pal, Alan, from San Francisco is going to be visiting us next weekend after he performs his required family duty on Turkey Day.

None of this will matter to any of you, but I've nothing esle to write about today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A Letter to the Massachusetts Governor...

My life partner/boyfriend/lover/long time companion, Karl, wrote this letter to our governor. I really like it and thought I would post it. He refuses to send to the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. So, am taking matters into my own hands --- doing a bit of editing/grammer corrections and am going to send it in under my name.

On such a significant day in Massachusetts (and U.S. history), I'm filled with emotions I had never anticipated. Immediately after hearing the SJC ruling on same-sex marriage, I was elated. However, just hours later, after hearing news accounts of comments made by various U.S. politicians and religious persons, my optimism dwindled.

During the evening news, it was so disconcerting to see the lesbian couple of 32(!) years, with tears of joy followed by comments essentially invalidating their love for each other.

Based on the comments I'm hearing, much of is being focused on religious beliefs and history. Governor Romney even commented on "3,000 years of recorded history". Well, up until the 1860's there were 3,000 years of history that accepted slavery. The mere duration of something's existence does not make it just.

As for religion - In no way is civil marriage a religious issue (separation of church and state). What the Catholic Church (being against gay marriage) or even the Unitarian Church (being for gay marriage) believe should be irrelevant in this case. What is relevant is civil rights. It appears that too many people (politicians included) are allowing their personal religious beliefs to dictate whether another person's relationship should be valid in the eyes of the state.

Excluding all religious beliefs (which, I can't stress enough), and based on the freedoms entitled to us as U.S. citizens, why would a gay and lesbian family not be entitled to civil (not religious) marriage? How is that relationship going to negatively impact any other person's life? It won't.

On the other side of the token, there are countless ways banning gay marriage negatively impacts thousands of gay and lesbian families (hospital visitation, inheritance, real estate, taxes, childcare, healthcare, social security, etc.). I don't understand how a state that allows gay adoption would not want those children to be raised by a couple that is legally married - providing legal protections for the parents and child. How are family values lost by actually encouraging couples to unite? As the 2000 census shows, there are thousands of gay and lesbian couples in this state. Gays and lesbians have existed since the beginning of time. They aren't going to go away. And barring them from marrying the person they love is not going to decrease heterosexual marriages (which is a concern I'd heard on the news).

I guess all I'm really seeking is a response to let me know specifically where you stand on this very important issue of equality. Specifically, it you're against gay marriage - why?

Monday, November 17, 2003

Which B-List Celeb is Hotter?

Judd Nelson or Dean Cain? I am torn. Am leaning toward Judd due to his cute/messy hair, but then there is that nostril issue.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Another Cold

I caught Karl's cold. Fun. The worst of it was yesterday and we had to cancel our plans to go out with pals, Bill and Dan. But we hope to re-group for next weekend! Am feeling better today --- a bit sluggish, but after having slept all and most of the evening yesterday I think I will venture out today.

Saw "Elephant" on Friday night. I loved it, but could easily understand why others might hate it. It was very matter-of-fact and somehow detached. However, I felt that made it all the more powerful. Also saw the new French flick, "Flower of Evil" --- it wasn't as good as I had expected from that director. However, I think the big problem was with some of the actors --- they were not very strong in their roles.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Not So Bad...

Well, my birthday wasn't too horrible. Very few people knew at work and last night turned out to be a nice dinner at a great restaurant with my pals. It was very nice. Then we came back to our place. Only slightly awkward when they pulled out a cake with candles and sang "Happy Birthday" ...I never know what to do with that. I just stood there in an uncomfortable stance and stared at the cake as they sang. I tried to smile. Then I had to open presents infront of everyone, but the gifts were very nice. So, it was not as awkward/pained as I thought it might be.

Today I had to run a big meeting --- it went very well and I enjoyed it. Tomorrow evening I will be assisting my boss at a formal event till about 8 --- then I shall be off to see the new Gus Van Sant (sp?) film, "Elephant" ....all by myself, but that's ok -- maybe someone will hit on me again!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Oh My God...

i turned 37 today.

karl has orchestrated a party of sorts for me --- against my wishes. i have to be home by 7pm or i am in trouble. i can't remember if it is supposed to be a secret/surprise. uh, oh. i don't like having birthday parties for myself.

i got an email card from my best friend that stated ---"you're old, but at least you smell good" I did laugh.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Too Much

I have too many DVDs and CDs. Just too many. I've no room for anymore. So, I've combed thru my collection and have pulled some out to sale to a local record store which sells used DVD/CD's. It kinda hurts because my normal rule of thumb is to rid myself of items which I've not played or touched for more than 6 months. I figure, if I don't play something for that long time ---- I really don't need it. However, my collection has grown to the extent that this approach no longer applies. Just because I haven't watched "All About Eve" for over a year doesn't mean that I don't love it. I just haven't the time to watch and play everything.

This happened to me once before --- back in 1991 when I moved myself from Texas to Boston. All I brought with me was $600, my clothes, a sleeping bag, my stereo and my CD's (there were no DVD's back in '91) Anyway, I had over 500 CD's at that time. Far too many. At that time it took me a while to find a job so I ended up selling 450 of my CD's for rent/food. ...I would sooner starve than sell any of my Barbra Streisand CD's or the first 2 Bette Midler albums.

Anyway, I am no longer in the position of having to really worry about money. So, this makes it much harder to decide with what I shall depart. Do I really need the entire catalog of The Lords of Acid or Grace Jones? I say "yes" --- Do I really need all of my Tricky CD's? Once again, I say "yes" --- so you see the problem I've run into.

I did pull several -- more DVD's than CD's. Am going to sell them later today. Lunch money. We're also going into Boston to see "Elf" --- and we are showing the condo to a potential buyer later tonight.

No one is liking the final Matrix movie, but I have to see it as I've seen the first two. I just can't see skipping the final one. Oh! Be sure to see "Die Mommie Die" --- it is so excellent. I love Charles Bush --- however, I do not think that is the way he spells his name and I'm far too lazy to look it up on the Internet Movie Dbase.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

An English Major's Wet Dream

I saw "Sylvia" today with a sold out crowd at a tiny theatre in Danvers, MA. It was a good film and filled with intellectual references and many quotes from the masters. Actors brooded and debated over the meaning and power of poetry. There were scenes of poetry readings and poetry parties. Made me feel like a fresh, young English major. Which I was at one time.

Of course living in the bell jar was just too much and Sylvia finally managed to off herself. It was sad. And shortly after we see her dead face and her handsome poet- husband kissing it ---- the screen fades into falling autum leaves and words appear on the screen reminding us that Ted Hughes later died of cancer. Then the credits rolled. The lady next to me was crying. I turned to her and said in my most up-beat voice, "happy movie!" --- she laughed.

It really is so sad we lost Plath so early. I wonder what else lingered inside that head that was never shared. I guess I didn't know that much about her. I didn't know she had kids and I thought she died in NYC, not London. hmmm.. I wonder if Ted Hughes was really as hot as the actor who played him.

Gwenyth Paltrow really looks more like Mia Farrow than her mom. Just my opinion.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Haircut Orgasm...

Today I took a walk on my lunch hour and stopped by a salon to have my haircut. Now, I haven't that much hair and I keep what I have very short so I didn't expect to be there very long. I was thinking that after the haircut I would run next door to this wonderous Sweedish candy store and pick up a champagne truffle. I swear --- that truffle is just as good as sex.

Anyway, the stylist insisted that we not take it as short as I wanted and she took her time cutting. After the cut was done she told me that she was going to wash my hair before I left so that I could be comfortable at work without hair all over me.

Now, I've had my hair washed at salons before. However, I've never had a scalp massage as nice as this one. I was in heaven! It felt so good that I asked her not to stop --- and she obliged! Christine got a very nice tip from moi. I was sooooo relaxed afterward and the cut looked great.

As I was leaving the salon I decided that I didn't need the truffle --- I had gotten my treat at the hair salon on Newbury Street!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Why Bother?

I bought these way-cool shoes and I love them, but they are killing my feet. I guess at some point I will break them in, but I will be walking on bloody stumps soon. I should have just bought a new pair of man-glogs. Forget fashion and go with comfort, but that wouldn't really be me. So I shall continue to bleed for fashion!

Monday, November 03, 2003

Dueling GQ Covers...

So, I wanted to pick up a magazine to read while I travel to and from work on the lovely commuter rail. Anyway, I noticed that GQ put out two different covers. One features a hot photo of Colin Farrell (but then again --- all photos of Mr. Farrell are pretty damn hot) and the other had a way-too close shot of Adrien Brody. There was only one copy of the Colin issue left and about 25 of the Adrien issue. While I was drawn to the last Colin issue, I felt I should purchase an Adrien one because it seemed so sad to me that his issue wasn't selling. Poor Adrien. And I'd be willing to bet money that he would make the nicer and more attentive boyfriend.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Ego-Boost At the Cinema!

There was hardly anyone at the screening of "In the Cut" I attended this afternoon. Just after I sat down a cute South End boy asked me if he could take the seat next to me. I asked him why and he said he wanted to get to know me better and that maybe we could have dinner after the movie. I told him I was in a relationship. He said, "Too bad" and went to the other side of the theatre. This made my day!

...I didn't care for the movie. I like Meg Ryan perky and cute --- not depressed and slutty.