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Sunday, November 23, 2003

You Better Not Cry --- And, You Better Not Pout!

We're off on our annual ride to Waltham, MA to purchase cool Christmas cards from this odd little toy store. We like to be unique in the card-giving experience. Anyway, this is my official sign that the holiday season has really arrived -- never mind that I've been planning holiday gifts and decorations for my office all of last week. The card trek to Waltham really means that the xmas shit is about to go down! So, Karl has already had me pull out the Christmas CD's to play in the car. I would much rather wait till after Thanksgiving next week, but he is ready to hear Steive Nicks croon "Silent Night" and the Carnie Sisters belt out "Hey Santa!" ...It is not that I dislike Christmas music. I particularly enjoy Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" CD --- all those children on Valium singing "Christmas Time Is Here" --- I just love that. I mean it sounds like they are orphans waiting for a holiday visit from Joan Crawford and Bette Davis or something. Anyway, it all starts today.

One of my best pals, Alan, is coming in from San Francisco this weekend and is going to stay with us for 3 days. We are going out clubbing to Boston gay club, Ramrod, which I frequented or "tooled about" a lot in my single days. Now, I fear I will look uncomfortable and old. I will certainly not be removing my shirt to enter the naughty area --- that is for sure! I will probably go downstairs to the newer preppy hangout. Alan has been in SF for over 6 years now --- so he most likely has lost touch with the Boston stand-off in the clubs. I will have to remind him.


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