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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Too Much

I have too many DVDs and CDs. Just too many. I've no room for anymore. So, I've combed thru my collection and have pulled some out to sale to a local record store which sells used DVD/CD's. It kinda hurts because my normal rule of thumb is to rid myself of items which I've not played or touched for more than 6 months. I figure, if I don't play something for that long time ---- I really don't need it. However, my collection has grown to the extent that this approach no longer applies. Just because I haven't watched "All About Eve" for over a year doesn't mean that I don't love it. I just haven't the time to watch and play everything.

This happened to me once before --- back in 1991 when I moved myself from Texas to Boston. All I brought with me was $600, my clothes, a sleeping bag, my stereo and my CD's (there were no DVD's back in '91) Anyway, I had over 500 CD's at that time. Far too many. At that time it took me a while to find a job so I ended up selling 450 of my CD's for rent/food. ...I would sooner starve than sell any of my Barbra Streisand CD's or the first 2 Bette Midler albums.

Anyway, I am no longer in the position of having to really worry about money. So, this makes it much harder to decide with what I shall depart. Do I really need the entire catalog of The Lords of Acid or Grace Jones? I say "yes" --- Do I really need all of my Tricky CD's? Once again, I say "yes" --- so you see the problem I've run into.

I did pull several -- more DVD's than CD's. Am going to sell them later today. Lunch money. We're also going into Boston to see "Elf" --- and we are showing the condo to a potential buyer later tonight.

No one is liking the final Matrix movie, but I have to see it as I've seen the first two. I just can't see skipping the final one. Oh! Be sure to see "Die Mommie Die" --- it is so excellent. I love Charles Bush --- however, I do not think that is the way he spells his name and I'm far too lazy to look it up on the Internet Movie Dbase.


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