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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Haircut Orgasm...

Today I took a walk on my lunch hour and stopped by a salon to have my haircut. Now, I haven't that much hair and I keep what I have very short so I didn't expect to be there very long. I was thinking that after the haircut I would run next door to this wonderous Sweedish candy store and pick up a champagne truffle. I swear --- that truffle is just as good as sex.

Anyway, the stylist insisted that we not take it as short as I wanted and she took her time cutting. After the cut was done she told me that she was going to wash my hair before I left so that I could be comfortable at work without hair all over me.

Now, I've had my hair washed at salons before. However, I've never had a scalp massage as nice as this one. I was in heaven! It felt so good that I asked her not to stop --- and she obliged! Christine got a very nice tip from moi. I was sooooo relaxed afterward and the cut looked great.

As I was leaving the salon I decided that I didn't need the truffle --- I had gotten my treat at the hair salon on Newbury Street!


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