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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Diversity @ An Acccounting Firm and Mommy & Daddy

My firm just took a very big and positive step --- they have formed a firm-sponsored network for gay, lesbian and transgeneder employees! It was just announced today as a part of the firm's commitment to celebrating diversity in the work place and continuing to focus on developing policies to retain valuable employees. This is a big deal for one of the Big Four! I am very pleased.

Employees are allowed to join this network as a "private" or a "public" member. I, of course, have joined as a public member! Our first conference call is on 12/11! Am all excited. Thus far we are a little over 500 strong! I am always walking around seeing signs about diversity in the work place focused on women, African-Americans, Asian population, Mexican population ----- and have always been annoyed that we were being ignored as there are plenty of family here in this one office. Anyway, now we are officially a part of the diversity focus of the firm! Most cool!

Months ago I placed an order for an import CD by the way-cool NYC underground electro band, Mommy & Daddy. Although they are American artists, their one CD is only available in the UK. Anyway, I forgot I had ordered it. The CD arrived today and I am all excited! I love Mommy & Daddy! Daddy is kind of hot in a downtown dirty kind of way. Mommy is quite the looker.


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