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Friday, February 28, 2003

Cinematic Torture

Jen and I made our way to the Kendall Cinema in Cambridge with an edge of excitement. After a tough week of work, we were eager to see the new Gus Van Sant film, Gerry. The movie follows the story of 2 verbally-challenged guys named Gerry who take a walk, get lost and wander around Death Valley --- until one of the Gerry's decides to put the other Gerry out of his misery by killing him. After killing the other Gerry, Gerry2 discovers that they were just a few yards away from the highway. This somewhat mirrors the ordeal Jen and I were experiencing as we watched this wretched piece of crap. The difference was we were unable to settle on who would have the mercy of being killed as to avoid watching "Gerry" to the bitter end. Luckily, just before I forced Jen to slam my head against the theatre wall --- the movie ended. We had made it to the end and survived! Good thing as we were only a few feet from the exit.

Words just can't capture how bad this movie was --- it was torture.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Names for Ellen & Chuck's Baby!

My friends, Ellen & Chuck, are about to welcome their first child to the world. They've been very good and have managed to avoid from finding out the sex of the baby. I believe that they are all set with potential names if they should be blessed with a little boy, but they are still trying to come up with the perfect name for the potential blessing of a little girl. If anyone is reading my blog and knows of an awesome name for a little girl, please post it to the comment section for this entry. ---- And, be nice! Am looking for good names! Personally, I like Lilly or Sophie.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Marshmellow Peeps, Hair Violence and Sadness
I was feeling rather lonesome for Karl today. ...all day, actually. So, I rushed out of the office, ran to the subway and just barely caught the 5:55 commuter rail. I never make it out of the office this early. I stepped off the commuter train and was so excited to get home, but stopped by CVS first to pick up a pack of Karl's fave snack of the season, MARSHMALLOW PEEPS!. After scoring the pack of oddly-formed bits of sugar, I walked quickly to our building. I had the Peeps in hand as I stood in the elevator waiting impatiently to get to the 6th floor. I opened the door expecting to see Karl glued to the TV ---- only to discover that the house was dark. I had forgotten. Karl is in class at Harvard tonight and won't be home til sometime after 8:30 PM. I feel really sad.

oh well.

My copy of the new Tosca CD, "Dehli9" came in today. Am listening to it now and am having a mega-chill-out-moment. This is taking an edge off my sadness. Also secured the newly re-packaged/remastered Fischesrspooner CD which contains a bonus DVD. I LOVE this CD and hope that it will be even better in re-mastered form with cool DVD companion. I traded my other copy in for cash in anticipation of this new release. Yes, I am a geek.

No one seemed to notice my new hair cut today. Last night, the lady who cut it did so in a most violent way. She shook my head everywhich way but loose and clipped in a manic manner. I was nervous through the whole of the ordeal, but was pleased with the cut. However, she lost her chance at a really good tip when she said in a rather cruel way, "you know, we can dye this and lose all the gray" ...bitch. but when she cut me, it felt like a kiss.

Just started reading THIS BOOK. Am really enjoying it and highly rec.for anyone who loves movies. It is a most fun read! I will need to tell my pal, Damian, about it!

OK, I guess I will go sit sadly in the dark and wait for Karl to come home. ...I might go out and try to find food as I am hungry. Oh! Effective Monday, I am no longer eating. That is it. Period. Liquid diet pour moi! I have to stop this sordid expansion or I will not be able to wear my bathing suit when in P'Town this summer -- much less go for a nice nude swim!

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Today is Tuesday, but it felt mostly like Monday. Yesterday, Monday, felt somewhat like Wednesday. However, as Sunday felt like a Friday --- I figure it all kind of evens out. Let's hope that tomorrow, Wednesday, does not feel like Friday because that would really suck.

"Turn around, bright eyes. Turn around!" ...Bonnie Tyler's been in my head all day and she just won't get out. When I close my eyes I see visions of demonic gay choir boys with tiny lights for eyes swirling all around me. I have to say, it is all just a bit creepy.
"...once upon a time there was light in my life -- now, there's only love in the dark."

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Secrets, A Chili Pepper and Too Many Groceries

I just discovered that my significant other (and single most important person in my world!) created a bit of space on the net without telling me. Am not sure why it was a secret, but I guess I'll never know because he keeps claiming it never was a secret and that he had just failed to mention it to me. The only reason I found out was because Peter was making fun of his "hobbies and interests" section. He is actually quite interesting --- not sure why he opted not to reveal that on his site. Some cute pictures, tho! Oh well. I've linked it to my bit-o-space. For the record --- I have no secrets. I am an open book filled with loads of pretty pictures, exciting adventures and informative footnotes!

Didn't do anything today. Left the condo and headed to Cambridge to see "City of God" but managed to miss my exit and ended up in some odd little town headed close to Waltham. I had gotten so wrapped up in my Red Hot Chili Peppers CD that I didn't think to drive off the proper exit. I was just singin' away --- who would have thought that I sing in the same key as Anthony Kiedis! ...too bad I don't look in the same key as well! It took me a while to find my way back to the general area in which we live because I have no sense of direction.

Anyway, Karl worked on his homework all day. I sat around and took up space. Later in the day we went to the grocery store and purchased lots of food that will probably end up going bad because we will end up eating out all week.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

An Odd Child

I was an odd kid. My childhood home was near railroad tracks --- we were so close that the house would shake when the trains rolled past. You get used to it. Our back yard was huge and you could walk up to the ditch that separated the property from the tracks. There was no fencing at that time. Anyway, there was a very small hill near the ditch. I loved to run up and down the hill for hours. I would sing and act out various stories I had seen on TV or at the movies. The trains were quite loud so I would do my strongest singing when they would be rolling past us. Sometimes I would just sit and contemplate. I would dream up these elaborate scenarios for myself.

One such elaboration came up after having viewed "Play it Again, Sam", "Sleeper" and "Love and Death" on TV. I was convinced that I was the secret love child of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. I would try to think of ways I could establish contact with them so that they could come get me and bring me home to New York. I used to sit on the hill and try to figure out why Woody and Diane would not want me. I would act out the moment I finally confronted them. Such fun melodrama! Now, it is important to note that I was about 7 or 8 at this time. By the time "Annie Hall" came out I had surrendered my fantasy, but I still loved their movies!

Most of the kids I knew were into HR Puffinstuff or lame cartoons. I, on the other hand, had very different tastes. When I was 5 my parents decided to take me to see "Bambi" which was, I guess, in re-release at the time. I remember this quite vividly. It was playing at the newly-built General Cinema -- which had 2 movie screens! Anyway, "Bambi" was sold out, so they decided to see What's Up Doc? which was playing on the other screen. I entranced when Babs starting singing and my mom later explained she was a singer. I demanded to be taken to K-Mart where I got my first record. I selected the LP that had a picture of a little girl on the cover. It was called My Name Is Barbra. I became a huge Barbra Streisand fan from that moment on. In other words, I was a total flamer at 5. Now, there were some very brief moments in elementary school when I was perceived as cool because of my Babs obsessive behavior. I was the only one at the school who had been allowed to see A Star Is Born. This is a movie that people make fun of now, but it was a pretty big deal back in the 70's.

Believe it or not, I was not considered a nerd or odd by my fellow classmates. Never really got teased more than anyone else. Kind of amazing considering all of the above and that I was in Texas. Ok, that is my walk down memory lane for the day!

Up Too Late, the Joys of Tax Refunds and a New Bathroom Issue

Stayed up way too late --- or way too early depending upon your point of view.

I started watching The Rules of Attraction and didn't go to bed til after 2am this morning. I am most sleepy. By the way --- this is a great movie, but it is more than a little sick and twisted. There is a great scene involving Faye Dunaway, Swoozie Kurtz, two frat boys and a George Michael song! There are other memorable scenes, but that is my favorite.

This was my favorite film of 2002. It came out in France in 2001, but the US didn't get it till last September. I love it and have seen it far too many times. I love to looke at Isabelle Huppert. She is super cool! Once again, this is an odd little movie --- so it might not appeal to everyone. However, Karl liked it quite a bit!

We are about to head to the dude's office who is doing our taxes. This is the first time I've ever had my taxes done by a professional. However, now that we are homeowners we were not sure how to file. Looks like it was a good thing we turned to a professional as I am getting some $$ back! This will be set aside to pay for my vacation to P-Town this summer!

One of the minor probs with our condo was that those things in the ceiling of bathrooms that suck out the bad air didn't work. So we recently had new ones installed in both bathrooms. When you flip the switch in one of bathrooms it sounds like an airplane is taking off. They are so loud I've taken to using our restrooms in the dark! Ugh! Karl likes them. I just don't know. Just thought I would share the warmth.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Ideal for the Standard Obsessive Ken Russell Fan:

At last! I know I am not alone --- and the guy who runs the site actually knows Mr. Russell! Cool! And it appears that The Miranda Sex Garden appeared in his most recent film. I don't guess it will ever find its way to the US.

Flashback to 1975:
Seeing Ann-Margret roll around in beans and chocolate as they poured out of her tv in the movie, Tommy, forever changed my world. I think I was 9. And, MGM is releasing "Women In Love" to DVD in April! LOOK!

New Shoes, Melting Snow and Penis Manipulation!

I purchased new shoes! 3 pairs of new shoes, actually. They are really cool and make me feel better. I scored a pair of retros by Steve Madden. I believe he is currently in some posh prison serving time for tax evasion or something. I picked up a pair of Sketchers which will provide me with a feeling of "tallness" and I secured my first pair of sensible-age-appropriate shoes by Nunn Bush. The sensible shoes are brown. I've never had brown shoes before and have mixed feelings about them. I hope to bond with sensible soon. I really don't want to wear any of them until the snow and salt go away. I hate those splotchy white marks I get on my shoes this time of year.

All of the snow we've gotten is starting to melt. Am sure there will be some flooding. Glad we are on the 6th floor! Am also needing to get my hair cut. ...maybe tomorrow.

Oh! It looks like I've convinced Karl, Peter and Duncan into seeing the Puppetry Of The Penis in Boston! Looks like Tom might even grace us with his presence! Am all excited to see odd Australian men whip 'em out and do a puppet show! Knowing my luck all of the shows are probably sold out.

Visited Dr.Satan (AKA my pereodontist) again this afternoon. Looks like my mouth is finally healing and I will be ready to roll forward with more gum grafting in April. I am thrilled. Why did I have to shitty gums? Most annoying.

And, for the record, I am sick of hearing about and looking at Michael Jackson. Someone, stop this madness!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

wimps and dummies

I get migraines. They cause a pain that can only be fully appreciated by fellow migraine victims. For various reasons, I am unable to take most of those cool wonder drugs that stop the pain. The best I can get are prescription grade ibuprofen. 800mg of ibuprofen does help, but they knock me out. Not sure why, but I am down and out when I take one. ? Anyway, as of late I've tried to toughen it up when it comes to migraines. The last several have not caused me to miss work. I just take Extra Strength Tylenol like candy and function through the day. Am certainly not at my best, but I am able to function. A few weekends ago I had a really bad one, which did prevent me from doing anything other than sleeping with my ibuprofen. Today, I wimped out. I woke up this morning at about 2am in full-tilt-migraine pain. By 6am I had resorted to my beloved prescription strength ibuprofen. I had to miss work. Ugh!!!

I am only just now starting to wake up. The pain still kills, but is no longer nearly as intense. I have to buck-up.

I have a commitment to assist with the roll-out of a motivational program called FISH to some folks at one of our other offices. It may look silly, but it is a beneficial tool for work teams. So, I now need to harness my "energy and potential" so that I can sufficiently sparkle for our presentation! I will also need to get my wimpy fat-ass to my office early in the am to pick up my laptop and then drive to New Hampshire. Let's hope I can find my way to the New Hampshire office. I have no sense of direction, but I do have a great deal of faith --- especially when I am sparkling! Then I will be trying to catch up all day Friday -- and maybe this weekend. I can do it! I know I can!

I've always had a fear of dummies. Not idiots, but the puppets that bad comics sit on their laps to tell lame jokes. I wonder if anyone out there in blogland can remember the TV ad that was shown back in the late 70's for the Anthony Hopkins/Ann-Margret thriller, MAGIC. It was an extreme close up of a dummy which spoke a poem about the threat of murder with really scary music in the background ---- and, just before the screen faded to black the dummy�s eyes rolled up into the back of his head. Oh my God --- I would get so freaked-out by that ad! I've tried to watch the movie on video since entering adulthood, but can never get too far into it. I get too creeped out when the dummy starts telling Anthony Hopkins to kill people. Come on, people! This makes The Exorcist look like a walk in the park!

So, you can only imagine the horror that ran through my blood when I saw THIS! Hope it didn't scare you too much!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Petie Got A Blog and Matty's Dinner!!!

My pal, Peter has started a Blog! Take a visit to Le Blog de LeHart! Am going to try and apply my cyber-skills and show him how to put a comments section up.

This should be fun as I still don't understand how Jen managed to do this for me, but my goal is to try! Actually, Peter is cyber-wiz so I suspect he already knows how to do this! ...doubt he would be needing or wanting my assistance! (smile)

Ok, I know I promised that I would stop with the disgusting updates regarding the dental hell that is my life, but I feel the need to share something. For those who might remember, Her Satanic Majesty (AKA my pereodontist) glued a medicinal pad to the roof of my mouth where she had removed skin to graft on to my gum line. Yes, it still hurts. Anyways, I ate this pasta like stuff Karl prepared last night. I remember thinking it was more "chewey" than usual. I blamed it on the microwave, but I now realize that I ate my medicinal pad because it is gone. Yum! However, I believe my breath has vastly improved and food tastes good again. However it feels like someone somehow applied really hot cheese to the roof of my mouth and left me with a bad burn.

Despite the blizzard, I had to make it in to work today. The orange line (subway) was way-off schedule so I elected to walk from North Station to the office. This is not a bad walk, but not a short one either --- especially since I was trudging through snow. Everything was fine til I decided to step thru a mound of snow to cross Boylston Street and managed to slip and fall flat on my face. Am not sure, but I believe my fellow walkers were laughing and mocking me! ..that's life in the big city!

Monday, February 17, 2003


What Is Your Animal Personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

Link Happy

I was thinking I wanted to listen to James Taylor, but the more I thought about it I decided that might make me too mellow. So, I've opted to playing a bit of Tweaker. I've not played this CD in quite a while. Forgot how much I like it. I missed the governor's speech, but Karl tells me that they are expecting this blizzard to get much worse. Hmmmm... The wind seems to be blowing the snow in all directions.

I would like some clothes from here. I think that these shirts are most cool. I am concerned that I've become a bit too liberal with my use of links. I can't seem to help myself! I've gone all link happy!

Lots of Snow...

New England is now being "pounded" (the word used by a local tv reporter a few minutes ago) by the same blizzard that "slammed" DC. At any rate, looks like we will be getting quite a bit of snow.

I love snow, but not with this much wind.

My office closed at Noon today. Yes, it is President's Day in the US -- but accounting firms never close during tax season! From the sounds of it, we may not be able to open for business tomorrrow. Per the same worried tv reporter, our governor has taken to the bunker and will be providing an address to the people of the Commonwealth at 4pm today. Will probably have a better idea by then. Why would the governor "take to the bunker" just because of a snow blizzard? Maybe it is warmer down there.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Luxury Rentals of the Rich and Most-Likely Famous and a Most-Worrying CD!

I just don't have enough time or near enough money --- but to dream! Oh, to rent a villa of my own!

While I may not be able to rent my very own castle for a long weekend, I rest easy knowing that I can always just pick up that re-released gem of tragic disco recordings like the one made by Ethel Merman!

Yes, The Ethel Merman Disco Album is now available on CD.

Back when I was a frustrated college student living in Texas, I had the ultimate Bad Record Collection. This particular bad record collection was co-owned by my pal, Jenny. We had bad vinyl classics by Patty Duke!, Kristy and Jimmy McNichols and loads of others. Ethel's horrifying attempt at disco was in there as well! Jenny now keeps the Bad Record Collection in her home back in Texas. I trust that she has locked it up so that no one can be hurt. Anyway, it is nice to see that those bad records keep finding a way to creep back into our lives --- whether we want them to or not!

I've updates some of my links --- a sort of link-refresh!

A Lazy Sunday, The Lady From Portishead, Wacky LP Covers and Very Cold Witches!

Last night I had way too much caffeine and ended up watching way too much bad tv. I don't know what time I went to bed, but I woke up around 11am this morning. This is very late for me. That's OK because I had planned on being lazy today. Karl is off visiting his brother today and I've just been surfing about the net while doing the laundry.

Am listening to the new CD by Rustin Man and Beth Gibbons (of Portishead fame) ---- very different from Portishead in the sense that there are not many trip-hop devices that I can hear, but plenty of intersting/creepy/funky sounds. The best way I can think of to describe this odd music would be to say that it is like listening to a spooky hippie-chick sing about things gone very bad with the backing of a really sad group of musicians. I like it, but it is somewhat of an aquired taste.

Check out this cool site which features neat-o LP cover artwork from eras long since past and some MP3's to go along with the scenic fun: Show & Tell Music!

Looks like we've got a big snow storm headed our way. This probably means nothing. Whenever they think it is going to be a big deal snow storm we get an inch. It is only when they think we're going to get an inch of snow do we get blasted. It has warmed up quite a bit from yesterday! Thus far we've hit the high of 16 degrees in Salem, Massachusetts!. The witches and I are much too cold!

I am only aware of the temperature from opening our balcony door and looking down the street at the bank digital temp reading. Actually, we do not have a balcony --- we have a door that opens to a railing which prevents you from falling 6 stories down to our pedestrian-only street. It is an interesting feature of our condo building. ...balcony doors without balconies. I should note that it bothers those with a fear of heights. Anyway, I've not been outside today.

Saturday, February 15, 2003


Mommy & Daddy is a really cool electroclash band out of NYC. I've only been able to locate a couple of their songs to download, but love what I've heard. They may be the next cool thing to come out of electronica since Fischerspooner and they've just signed a record deal so CD should be coming out soon! I can't wait!

Nothing of real interest to post tonight other than it is so cold in New England that it just plain hurts. We're at negative 3 right now. Ugh! This is too cold for even me --- and I could live in a fridge and be comfortable. Had a fun evening. Met up with Pete, Duncan, Chris and Robert for dinner and just hung out. Good food, drink and great conversation!

Friday, February 14, 2003

Uh,oh --- Mongers of Whores!

This is so strange and offensive on so many levels. I found the page via Wiley Wiggins Blogger page -- which is quite cool. Check out the Johns of Denver ...if you dare!

A Mid-70's Grade School Valentine

Remember those lame little cards we were required to hand out to all of our classmates when we were in grade school? Everyone always wanted to receive the Snoopy ones that the rich kids gave. Most of us ended up with the really cheap ones. You know the ones I mean --they were printed on thin paper and usually featured illustrations of children with huge heads and stupid little slogans. Like, one would have a big-headed boy holding a baseball in his tiny hands with a slogan reading, "I'd go to bat for you anytime, Valentine!" ...and then the kid would scrawl his/her name in crayon and you were never quite sure if the kid selected the card specifically for you or just randomly assigned the card to your ugly Valentine Receipt Envelope which was attached to your desk with masking tape.

Yeah, it sucked. None of us liked it. However, this was not as bad as the way the PE coach would line everyone up, ask the 2 most popular kids to be team leaders, instruct those 2 evil children to pick out who would be on their respective teams and I would always be one of the last 3 kids selected. And, then we would throw balls really hard at each other for the next 30 minutes. Many of us would get socked in the head or crotch by a ball coming at us at about 80 miles per hour cause it is amazing how strong we were during the rage of battle ball. Sometimes you would get a bloody nose and the coach, upon seeing our wounds would apply the same line all coaches use: "Well, life isn't fair"

Do you think I might be just a bit bitter? I bet I am not half as bitter as Lester Earl who was always the last team member picked and the first one marked for a deadly ball hit. Actually, come to think of it, the 2 popular kids are probably the most bitter because I suspect their lives peaked at about 17. Oh well. Life isn't fair.

Madonna, Johnny Cash and My Valentine...

Karl and I had a nice and romantical Valentine's Day. We had an early dinner at PF Changs and got to watch all of the desperate Valentinees attempting to secure dinner seats ---- they were turned away and advised to check back in 3 hours. And they were crushed. We decided to skip the movie and came home to have a nice, quiet evening with each other.

We watched the DVD of the Madonna movie, "Swept Away" --- the one that played in cinemas for about 2 days before it was yanked by Sony. I purchased it because I thought it would be one of those bad-good movies. It is not bad or good. Just sort of OK. However, it is beautifully filmed --- lots of pretty eye candy and good music. I would venture to say it improved on the orignal version by Lina Wertmuller (sp?) which was all silly politics, sexism and faux porn. However am not sure I would reccomend it.

Am now listening to the new Johnny Cash CD. You've not really lived til you've heard Mr. Cash cover Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode --- with Fiona Apple providing harmony vocals! Seriously though, it is really pretty damn good. I have to add it is a bit creepy. His cover of "Hurt" is chilling. I do not mean that to sound sarcastic -- it is quite effective. VH1 has been showing the video which is also fairly upseting. And he does a kick-ass cover of "Personal Jesus"! I do reccomend this CD. Roy? Are you reading this --- get this CD. You will LOVE it!

Tomorrow evening we're getting together with some friends for drinks and dinner. Looking forward to it. Sunday I plan to lounge about and not do much of anything. Am looking forward to that as well.

I've decided to stop recording my satanic dental woes. I will only add that am still having them and it totally sucks. ...but what am I going to do? I will just deal.

Happy Valentines!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Joys of Oral Surgery --- An Update

Ok, so one would think that I should be doing much better than I am regarding the whole healing process from the gum grafting, but am still in quite a bit of pain and was unable to get much sleep last night. I had my follow-up appointment today. Satan (Supposed Oral Surgeon) explained that the healing process of the actual grafting will take a bit longer as she had to actually cut into muscles in my mouth. The Devil then added that she was pleased with the results -- there is no infection, but the roof of my mouth is not healing as fast as she would like.

So the remaining packing was removed and replaced with a medicated padding which feels like jagged wood when my tounge touches it. I will skip all the disgusting details, but the Evil One gave me 5 shots of novicaine (3 to the roof of my mouth and 2 to my lower gum line)
Am still not sure what was more painful --- the shots into the skinless roof of my mouth or the pain of her swabbing and attaching the jagged medicated pad.

I go back again next week. I hate her. I discussed with my dentist and he feels that this procedure is just "most uncomfortable" and that Lucifer is a fantastic perodontist (sp?) I just don't know. My teeth just suck --- however, I feel the need to let you know that they really don't look bad. After all my justified ranting I suspect that you will not believe me. oh well.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

"Let Go My Lego!"

Last night I dreamt that I was eating Legos. One after the other. I would pick one up out of a big plasitic bowl and chomp 'em down. I don't think it means much of anything other than my mouth is still in pain. However, I should note it was really disgusting. I wanted to stop eating them, but just couldn't seem to get my fill. Most worrying.

Night of 1,000 Shoes...

That was a movie title created by Carrie Fisher in her novel, "Postcards from the Edge" I love the idea that there could be an actress who would star in movie with that title. There certainly should be!

I love shoes. Mainly, I love big, clunky shoes that make me taller. I currently am in need of a new pair. The problem is that the big-clunky-platform-shoe look is no longer in style. In fact, it may never have been in style for someone over 30. Sadly, this would be me. The thing is, I really should be 6 foot. Am not sure why I could only grow to 5' 8", but I never made it past this height. That style of shoe let me pretent to be just a little taller. I found that feeling to be quite empowering. Anyway, now I must go forward and adapt to the more age-appropriate shoe. I guess it is my time for the sensible shoe. How sad and depressing.

On the dental front the packing on the roof of my mouth is starting to fall out in disgusting clumps. Looks like dried-out Play-Dough adorned with slimey blood-like substance. It tends to fall out of my mouth when I am speaking to a room full of people. It is most attractive and am sure it is further cementing my reputation as a motivational public speaker.

I have my follow up with the psycho (AKA Evil Dental Surgeon) tomorrow. One can only guess the tremendous pain that awaits!

Monday, February 10, 2003

A Very Special Valentine

I received a Valentine's Day card in the mail! The envelop had little hearts all over it. It looked like it could be a Hallmark card, but there was no crown logo. I was most curious. I mean, Karl wouldn't be sending me a card ---- who could have sent it? ...and why?

I pulled the card from the envelop. There was an illustration of a handsome young stud on the cover with the following message: "Happy Valentine's Day, Baby!" I felt odd and concerned. Who would have sent me this card? I slowly opened it and read what waited inside ----

"Wishing you the longest-lasting, smoothest Valentine's Day ever! Love and KY-sses, Your K-Y Liquid Personal Lubricant"

I received a Valentine's Day greeting from sex lube.

Packing Material ...in my mouth

The Play-Dough-like packing covering my newly grafted gum line fell out as I was rinsing my mouth this mornng. I called the Dungeon Torture Master (A.K.A. Dental Office Manager) and was sent in for 11:45 AM to have the "packing" replaced to protect the dental work til my follow-up. They ended up pulling off the remaining packing material and putting a whole new bunch in my mouth. It killed! Swollen, bleeding and totally abused --- I sulked home on my pain killers to apply ice pack on and off for the rest of the day. My dental adventures just continue on! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Speaking of fun --- meet the Happy Tree Friends!

...thanks to my pal, Duncan, for introducing me to the Happy Tree Friends whom I had not known before today!

Sunday, February 09, 2003

I really love the Groove Armada.


Wow! As it turns out the idiot who wanted to pay $170 for the Strangers With Candy DVD set ended up failing to pay up --- so we did win the bid! Now -- let's hope it is region 1 friendly! The seller assures me it is and will play on our Sony DVD player. Am all excited! We should receive it in a few days!

Several of you are not familiar with "Strangers With Candy" and this makes me sad.

To learn more about what you've been missing, visit the this site.

Also, there are far too many of you who are unfamiliar with the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton cinematic error, "Boom!" --- this is John Waters all time favorite film which should tell you quite a bit! And, yes, Noel Coward played a role intened for Kathryn Hepburn who wisely bowed out of the project at the last minute! Bravo! for those of you who already knew this! -- and a hearty "Boom!" --- which is what Richard Burton and Liz Burton say throughout the film for no apparent reason. While it is available on video --- it is not yet on DVD. So sad. So, again --- Boom!

Love & Pancakes...

Karl made me soft pancakes loaded with chocolate chips. I thought that was really sweet. I was able to eat them without any pain and they were fantastic! The pain has pretty much gone away excepting for when I have to brush the teeth and use that prescribed mouth wash. I have to eat with my head turned to the left to avoid any food going on the left side of my mouth. It looks a bit odd to watch me eat, but Karl's pancakes were wonderous! --- and he even cleaned the kitchen afterward!

Anyway, I thought it was some sort of special batter, but I guess it was just standard pancake mix. It matters not, I love 'em!

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Has anyone else out there had the pleasure of seeing Boom ?




Blood and Soda...

As I sludge thru my day filled with bad tv and pain killers, I have also had a fair amount of soda. When I move my mouth much or drink my stitches bleed a bit. Not a lot, but enough that I taste it. Mixed with my soda it tastes really bad. I figure my breath must be wonderous about now. I feel really attractive.

Anyway, with the taste of fresh blood and Pepsi in my mouth --- tinged with just the right amount of pain, I have an urge to watch Showgirls So, I've sent Karl out in hopes that he will be able to secure a copy of it on DVD for me. Nothing like watching a bunch of drag queens playing strippers on the make. Now, I know that the actors in the film are female and not drag queens -- but no one can say that they are actually playing real women in that movie. As far as I am concerned it is the story of drag queens and their lust for adventure, bad clothes and a pole.

My pal, Damian, and I saw "Showgirls" in the cinema 4 times back when it was first released. "Why?" you may be asking --- well, we both found it to be so horribly bad that we had to see it several times to fully believe it was real. We loved it and, by the 4th viewing, we were able to speak all of the parts along with the characters. Damian played Nomi and I got to be Gina Gershon. We were the envy of all attending that particular screening at the Boston Lowes Cheri Cinema. No one minded our speaking -- it seemed to add to their enjoyment.

You know, that cinema was shut down and is about to re-open as a candle stick bowling alley. ...they paved paradise and put up a bowling alley. Oh well.

Oh! And the AbFab reunion movie is on Comedy Central tonight! Am all excited!

Friday, February 07, 2003

Snow and Torture --- An Update

Am still in pain, but not nearly so bad. I think I almost OD'd with my pain killers. Much of the evening is sort of a blur from which I am now awaking. Satan, I mean my dentist, instructed me to rinse with a prescription mouthwash tonight. I was warned it would sting a bit. I now understand that this means I will soon experience a pain so deep I may need several of doses of morphine to stifle my screams

A Quick Meditation on My Life Thus Far...

I was just thinking about all those exciting plans I had when I left Texas to come up east. I was going to conquer the world! I was going to lead the proper gay man's life ---- do it all and do it all in style. Somewhere between 1991 and 1993 reality began to set in and I realized that I didn't need all of that. I guess I started to realize what really mattered to me in life -- and none of that had much to do with dominating the planet or living up to any standards other than my own.

I know that I tend to over-analyze everything and it seems that I am never satisfied, but this really isn't true. I've been so very blessed. I have fallen permanently in love with a great man and we have built a life that continues to evolve in a great way. I have fantastic friends, a great family, am able to live my life as an openly gay man with no apologies and have a job that challenges me (tho, I think I am prone to whine about it way too much!) Despite all my fretting ---- when all is said and done --- I am quite pleased with the life I am leading. This will come as quite a shock to Karl and would certainly surprise my therapist --- but it is true.

My Dull and Rather Sad Gay Dreams...

Last night I had a dream that seemed to play on through my entire slumber. I dreamed that Babs Streisand's "A Star Is Born" was finally released in DVD format. In the dream I watched a pristine and expertly letter-boxed version of the movie on our tv. I was really enjoying the movie and was so happy to have it on DVD. That was my dream. That is it. I have essentially explained the entire dream to you.

Some people dream of being in the movies, some dream of meeting their fave diva, some dream of flying through orbits unknown to human eyes --- and others dream of erotic adventures that will stay with them for days. Me? I dream about watching Barbra Streisand movies that I've already seen 30 times before in my waking hours.

Tonight I have hopes of seeing "Yentl" on DVD. ...in my dreams.

Snow and Torture

So, the dental surgeon (I can't think of the official name for this sadist) says, "Ok, I am going to give you one more shot. You should feel just a bit of pressure" The additional shot was administered into the roof of my mouth in preparation for her cut skin off of it to then graft into my gum line and it didn't feel like "pressure" --- more like a shot with a dull needle into the roof of my mouth. Then the fun began!

I begged the Director of Dental Pain, uh --- I mean the dental surgeon (what the hell are they called anyway??? Pero-something?) to give me some pain medication prior to my embarking on the one hour commute home, but she declined. She instructed me to simply fill the prescription within the next 2 hours and I would be ok. I hate her. It kills --- and I was ready to ram my jaw into the concrete walls of the commuter train station 20 minutes later. And the "ice" pack that the Evil One, uh -- I mean dental professional --- gave me didn't work. In all fairness, I probably failed to follow the directions in the midst of my agony.

I took double the prescribed dose about 30 minutes ago. Am still waiting for some relief to kick in. No luck yet. Perhaps if I had a bit of vodka to aid the process. Karl would refuse this request. He also refused to slam objects into my jaw. Why do I alway want to inflict more pain to pain? Am I a freak? STOP! No need to respond --- I already know the sad truth that is me. Anyway, I have this unbearable dull mind-numbing pain where the grafting was done. I also have this sort of sharp/burning pain on the roof of my mouth. Am not sure which is worse.

My boss called to check on me and instructed Karl to take away my pain killers and despense them to me as prescribed. They are both cruel, but probably mean well.

On top of everything, New England was hit with a cool snow storm. I mean we got some real snow today. Nice/happy snow and I am unable to go play in it. This just sucks. And, just think ---- I get to have another grafting next month! I can hardly wait.

Ok, the pills are starting to kick in. Cool. ...I wonder if I can sneak one more while Karl isn't looking? It is worth a shot!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

No Strangers With Candy Waiting Pour Moi...

We lost the ebay auction. It went for $180. God bless 'em --- they most definitely need it more than us! I tend to be extravagant when it comes to CD's and DVD's, but that is just crazy-spending!

Haven't updated my blog for a couple of days. Have been consumed by work --- 15 hour work days as of late! Stop this corporate ride! I need a break!

Got the results back from an MRI that had me a bit worried. Turns out I've a "severe sinus issue" which the docs hope to resolve with meds or possible surgery. I consider this to be great news!!! In the back of my head I was convinced I had some brain tumor from Hell. Also, turns out that a number of odd probs I've been experiencing are related to this! All treatable! Yes!

Now, my hope is I can avoid the surgery as I guess it is not an "easy" surgical procedure ---- however, if we have to resort to that I might be able to work in that nosejob I've always wanted! ...covered by insurance! Yeah! However, I've got my fingers crossed that the medications will do the trick.

I have dental surgery this coming Friday! Another in a series of gum grafts. So much fun I could just spit! ha! This gum grafting just sucks -- and they will be needing to do my entire lower row of teeth and most of the top. This will be an 8 month process. I am thrilled -- and bet that I sound like a really attractive person to those reading this blog! ha! oh well.

Well, that is it for now!

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Strangers With Candy...

Wish us luck! I just put in yet another bid on ebay for Strangers With Candy on DVD. At the moment we are the highest bidders, but we always lose the auction. Seems like there is always someone out there willing to play $100 plus. Karl and I will not budge beyond $50. ...and you just know that as soon as we do win an auction and pay $50 --- Comedy Central will finally officially release the show on DVD with loads of extras. oh well.

Goldfrapp, the Internet and a Slow-Moving Sunday...

I never left the house. I've been sitting at the PC surfing the net and visiting blogs unknown for the past 3 hours. As I am far too lazy to mess with changing CD's, I've been listening to the same Goldfrapp remix CD over and over again for the past couple of hours. The music seems to fit the day, but seems to be merging into my brain or something. Some of Goldfrapp's work feels like background music for a Fellini movie that never made it out the gate or something. ...or maybe this is my odd mood speaking.

Did I spell Fellini's name correctly? Hmmm. I simply can't be bothered at this time to think about it.

Anyway, I've just been surfing through hundreds of blogs today. Found this really interesting blog by a writer/artist, Raymi. Spent over an hour reading and following the links she provides. Creative, fun, twisted and touching with an edge. ...the edge of what I am not sure, but I really enjoyed her site. Am going to put a link to her site over to the right with my other fave sites. Note: This site is of an adult-nature. Don't want to upset anyone. If you're sensibilities are fragile, do not follow the link Raymi the Minx. Whatever. I think it is a cool site. Check out her notes to Douglas Coupland! A must read!

Too bad I am so lazy. My pal, Jen, has given me all the directions I need to insert a link in my text. One of these days I am going to start doing that! ha! ...one of these days.

Ok --- as much as I love Goldfrapp, I think it is time for a new CD! Maybe some Miss Kittin or Lemon Jelly!

I had never noticed how much I enjoy using "..." and "----" when I write. I wonder why I do that? ...and --- why do I use them so much?

Blah, Blah, Blah Blog...

Slushy snow today. We took Karl's parents to breakfast at Red's before they left to return to the Cape. Had to take the car to JiffyLube to get the oil changed and it took a bit longer than expected. Am now debating whether I want to go into Cambridge to catch a 5pm movie or if I want to hang around the house. As I am not into this whole nesting thing, I suspect I will either go to the movie or drive to the mall and walk around a bit. Not much to report from here!

Oh, Duncan and I saw that new Al Pacino movie, The Recruit, last night. It was pretty good. A bit corny, but fun entertainment.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life or the First Time You Saw Andrew McCarthy's Bare Ass...

Karl's parental unit is visting us today. We've been drving them all over Salem/Peabody/Danvers roaming through shopping malls and chatting. It has been a nice day despite the gloomy weather. Later, our pals, Pete and Duncan --- are stopping by to play a bit of poker with Karl and his parents. Duncan and I do not really enjoy the card game so we've made plans to go to the movies.

Anyway, I think I shall head out to Taco Bell to pick up some dinner. Karl and his parents are eating tuna sandwiches. ...Just say no!, Dammit!

Not sure why I thought of this --- maybe it is because I noted a print ad for some lame Hallmark tv movie starring Andrew McCarthy. He still looks pretty good --- but remember his brief nude scene at the beginning of "Less Than Zero"? You know, where he moons the movie camera? Pretty damn hot in my book. Although, I really hated that movie. What a horrid adaptation of a great book!

Turning the World on with a Smile...

You tell yourself that it is only a tv show. What you're seeing is not reality, but it still bothers you.

How can Greg and Marsha fight over an attic bedroom when there is really no way for their home to even have an attic? --- especially one which would allow you Greg to stand as he strums his guitar writing groovy pop tunes. How do the Brady kids deal with sharing that bathroom when there appears to be no toilet?

This sort of thing happens in all sitcoms, but none gets to me more than the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Her apartment grows and morphs slightly with each passing episode. Sometimes we discover that the living space projects well beyond her sleeper sofa to accomodate a number of party guests. Other times we discover that the living space is very cramped ---- that projected space is all gone. And, it is quite disturbing that her bathroom is in her closet. Just think of what the steam from her baths must do to all those pant suits and blouses?!? Of course, I guess most are made of polyfiber so it would be OK. I guess.