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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Goldfrapp, the Internet and a Slow-Moving Sunday...

I never left the house. I've been sitting at the PC surfing the net and visiting blogs unknown for the past 3 hours. As I am far too lazy to mess with changing CD's, I've been listening to the same Goldfrapp remix CD over and over again for the past couple of hours. The music seems to fit the day, but seems to be merging into my brain or something. Some of Goldfrapp's work feels like background music for a Fellini movie that never made it out the gate or something. ...or maybe this is my odd mood speaking.

Did I spell Fellini's name correctly? Hmmm. I simply can't be bothered at this time to think about it.

Anyway, I've just been surfing through hundreds of blogs today. Found this really interesting blog by a writer/artist, Raymi. Spent over an hour reading and following the links she provides. Creative, fun, twisted and touching with an edge. ...the edge of what I am not sure, but I really enjoyed her site. Am going to put a link to her site over to the right with my other fave sites. Note: This site is of an adult-nature. Don't want to upset anyone. If you're sensibilities are fragile, do not follow the link Raymi the Minx. Whatever. I think it is a cool site. Check out her notes to Douglas Coupland! A must read!

Too bad I am so lazy. My pal, Jen, has given me all the directions I need to insert a link in my text. One of these days I am going to start doing that! ha! ...one of these days.

Ok --- as much as I love Goldfrapp, I think it is time for a new CD! Maybe some Miss Kittin or Lemon Jelly!

I had never noticed how much I enjoy using "..." and "----" when I write. I wonder why I do that? ...and --- why do I use them so much?


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