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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Turning the World on with a Smile...

You tell yourself that it is only a tv show. What you're seeing is not reality, but it still bothers you.

How can Greg and Marsha fight over an attic bedroom when there is really no way for their home to even have an attic? --- especially one which would allow you Greg to stand as he strums his guitar writing groovy pop tunes. How do the Brady kids deal with sharing that bathroom when there appears to be no toilet?

This sort of thing happens in all sitcoms, but none gets to me more than the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Her apartment grows and morphs slightly with each passing episode. Sometimes we discover that the living space projects well beyond her sleeper sofa to accomodate a number of party guests. Other times we discover that the living space is very cramped ---- that projected space is all gone. And, it is quite disturbing that her bathroom is in her closet. Just think of what the steam from her baths must do to all those pant suits and blouses?!? Of course, I guess most are made of polyfiber so it would be OK. I guess.


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