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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Sick II...

Well, Karl seems to be in more pain than ever today. I feel so bad and am unable to do anything to really help him. I got to sneak out a bit yesterday --- actually, I could have gotten out more than I did, but it felt mean to leave him all alone. If he is still in this much pain tomorrow he will need to call his doctor.

I've cleaned the condo again. I've surfed the net and am thinking about going out for a drive, but am worried that this might lead to my spending more money. That really would not be good. I've spent enough!

Looks like the weather is about to get really cold. Like below zero through Wednesday. I like cold weather and I love winter. However, once the temperature falls below 10 it gets to be a bit much. I dread having to stand in the bitter cold for the next several mornings waiting for the commuter rail. ...and you just know it will be delayed by 30 minutes each of the three days. UGH!


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