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Friday, January 17, 2003

...And Still, He Expands

Am happy to report that Karl is fast on the mend!

Am most unhappy to report that all I've done is lie about watching DVD's and eating loads of food. In between exciting things like napping I have taken care of Karl --- which mainly means feeding him, ensuring he takes his medicine and changing his ice packs. However, he has been on his own since about 3pm when he took a bath. I've mostly been eating since then. I fear that I shall be purchasing my first pair of fat jeans soon. I am so annoyed with myself, but obviously not annoyed enough to stop stuffing my face. Ugh.

I guess I should note that am not fat, but fear I am going to get there if I don't get off my ass, work out and stop eating all of this crap. Have been listening to Jimi Hendrex and Brigitte Fontaine tonight. Jimi was thin and Ms. Fontaine is even thinner. Still, I do not hate them because they are thinner than me. Hey! Wait a minute! Hendrix is long dead. So, I guess I can't assume he would have retained his late 60's slimness, but Brigitte is alive, well and ever-thin.

"Fat" is such an ugly word. "Over weight" is just so depressing to say. "Big-boned" is comical device. "Expanded" is my pref. word of choice.

I was thinking today that it might be sad for me and Karl when we're old. No children to care about us when we get old. I am worried we could end up old, alone, bitter and totally self-involved. That would suck, but I figure it would be totally self-indulgent to pursue starting one of those "gay partners with child things" just to have someone else other than each other to care about us when we're old. That would sort of be like having a marriage ceremony just to get gifts from our friends.

Yes. So I think the best thing might be to get some cats.


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