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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Nice Weather for Ducks, but What Would Miss Kittin Do?

Am sipping lots and lots of water in hopes of avoiding chocolate cookies. It is time to stop my gradual expansion before I reach that point of no return when pecs become tits and waists turn to tires. Getting older just sucks and then you know that no matter how hard you work at it --- you're just going to die anyway. Part of me wants to buy some fat pants and have some major food fun. However, since one never knows when that exciting modeling career in Europe might come-a-calling ---- I am forced to focus on my body and health.

Pete Townsend of the Who has admitted to paying to enter a kiddie porn site. He is claiming that he was only going to the site to see the horrors of what is actually out there on the internet. Sounds like a lame excuse to me, but who knows. I do know that this brings a whole new meaning to "Fiddle About" from "Tommy" On top of that the drummer from the Bee Gees died today --- or maybe it was yesterday. It all strikes me as so sad. I was listening to "Nice Weather for Ducks" by Lemon Jelly as I read about all of this. I really enjoy Lemon Jelly and "Nice Weather for Ducks" is one of their best tracks. Now it is tainted for me. Whenever I hear the scratchy sound of the man singing, "All the ducks are swimming in the water..." I will think of a dead Bee Gee and wonder if Pete Townsend hurts children. ugh.

Am listening to the Future Bible Heroes now to cleanse my mind before heading into Boston for a fun afternoon.

You know, I have to learn a bit more about my template use so that I can provide links to things when I reference them in my blog. All of my fave bloggers do this! I figure if I put my mind to it I will be able to get more proficient with blogging and get myself in better shape! Gulp --- a really big drink of water! Who needs chocolate cookies? Not me!

...well, maybe just one cookie won't hurt. oy.


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