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Saturday, January 11, 2003


I like to drive around in my car. Not so much because I like to drive, but because I love to sing. When I write "sing" I mean "sing" in the strongest sense of the word. We're talking beltin' out the tunes at the top of my lungs while speeding about the streets! It should also be noted that while I love to sing, I am unable to actually carry a tune. I used to sing in the shower, but as my poor pitch and tone offends the hubby --- I am pretty-much relegated to singing in my car.

Anyway, I have noticed that I am better at singing along with certain recording artists than others. For example I do OK with The Ramones or Hole, but not so well with Blondie or Kate Bush. However, I do sing along particularly well with Don "Miami Vice" Johnson! I discovered this while singing along with the new Barbra Streisand compilation CD, "Duets" Now the duet Barbra recorded with Don was during their short romance in the late 80's and it is definitely not a career highlight. I had almost erased the 'cheezy' song from my mind until this CD came out in November. But when the track started playing, the song came back to me as if it were 1988 all over again.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Don and I seem to be able to sing in the same flat manner! Of course, I wasn't nearly as surprised as the car full of old ladies watching me from the safety of their SUV. They were watching me as if I was some sort of science project gone wrong and given a car. I guess I must get a little animated when I'm singing with Don Johnson. Oh well. I smiled and hit the high note with Don while Bab's voice soared around us. I hit the gas and left the old ladies behind. Sadly my luck did not hold out for long. Soon Babs was crooning with the likes of Josh Grobhan and Frank Sinatra. It didn't matter. I kept on singing anyway --- and loving every minute of it!


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