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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Malia, Yellow Daffodils, a Passing Day and the Return of Anna Nicole...

I picked up a CD in Montreal by this singer, Malia. It is called "Yellow Daffodils" and I LOVE it! My favorite track is "Purple Shoes" --- awesome! Have been playing it quite a bit. Looks like the CD was imported from France, but Malia sings in English. I've yet to read up on her. She has a site at www.malia-online.com. Anyway, it is a sort of fused sound of trip-hop with R&B. Her voice reminds me a bit of Billie Holiday's without the desperation or woe.

I wonder if, as listeners, we project more to what we hear than what is actually there. Do Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain sound so tragic because when I hear them I bring their collective histories with me or does the sadness that was in their lives travel through their voices?

Just watched "Waking Life" again on DVD. Karl hated it. We have so much in common and like so many of the same things, but we sometimes run across things that one of us loves and the other totally hates. That movie is one of the things I love and Karl hates.

Tonight I plan on watching "Madam Bovary" ---- the French adaptation from the early 90's featuring Isabelle Huppert. I purchased it because I like looking at Huppert. She is so cool. I think I avoided this film when it came out because I never got into the book. Not sure if I will like the movie, but it is always neat to watch her and I usually like the director's work.

Anna Nicole's reality show returns in March! Yeah!


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