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Friday, February 07, 2003

Snow and Torture

So, the dental surgeon (I can't think of the official name for this sadist) says, "Ok, I am going to give you one more shot. You should feel just a bit of pressure" The additional shot was administered into the roof of my mouth in preparation for her cut skin off of it to then graft into my gum line and it didn't feel like "pressure" --- more like a shot with a dull needle into the roof of my mouth. Then the fun began!

I begged the Director of Dental Pain, uh --- I mean the dental surgeon (what the hell are they called anyway??? Pero-something?) to give me some pain medication prior to my embarking on the one hour commute home, but she declined. She instructed me to simply fill the prescription within the next 2 hours and I would be ok. I hate her. It kills --- and I was ready to ram my jaw into the concrete walls of the commuter train station 20 minutes later. And the "ice" pack that the Evil One, uh -- I mean dental professional --- gave me didn't work. In all fairness, I probably failed to follow the directions in the midst of my agony.

I took double the prescribed dose about 30 minutes ago. Am still waiting for some relief to kick in. No luck yet. Perhaps if I had a bit of vodka to aid the process. Karl would refuse this request. He also refused to slam objects into my jaw. Why do I alway want to inflict more pain to pain? Am I a freak? STOP! No need to respond --- I already know the sad truth that is me. Anyway, I have this unbearable dull mind-numbing pain where the grafting was done. I also have this sort of sharp/burning pain on the roof of my mouth. Am not sure which is worse.

My boss called to check on me and instructed Karl to take away my pain killers and despense them to me as prescribed. They are both cruel, but probably mean well.

On top of everything, New England was hit with a cool snow storm. I mean we got some real snow today. Nice/happy snow and I am unable to go play in it. This just sucks. And, just think ---- I get to have another grafting next month! I can hardly wait.

Ok, the pills are starting to kick in. Cool. ...I wonder if I can sneak one more while Karl isn't looking? It is worth a shot!


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