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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Blood and Soda...

As I sludge thru my day filled with bad tv and pain killers, I have also had a fair amount of soda. When I move my mouth much or drink my stitches bleed a bit. Not a lot, but enough that I taste it. Mixed with my soda it tastes really bad. I figure my breath must be wonderous about now. I feel really attractive.

Anyway, with the taste of fresh blood and Pepsi in my mouth --- tinged with just the right amount of pain, I have an urge to watch Showgirls So, I've sent Karl out in hopes that he will be able to secure a copy of it on DVD for me. Nothing like watching a bunch of drag queens playing strippers on the make. Now, I know that the actors in the film are female and not drag queens -- but no one can say that they are actually playing real women in that movie. As far as I am concerned it is the story of drag queens and their lust for adventure, bad clothes and a pole.

My pal, Damian, and I saw "Showgirls" in the cinema 4 times back when it was first released. "Why?" you may be asking --- well, we both found it to be so horribly bad that we had to see it several times to fully believe it was real. We loved it and, by the 4th viewing, we were able to speak all of the parts along with the characters. Damian played Nomi and I got to be Gina Gershon. We were the envy of all attending that particular screening at the Boston Lowes Cheri Cinema. No one minded our speaking -- it seemed to add to their enjoyment.

You know, that cinema was shut down and is about to re-open as a candle stick bowling alley. ...they paved paradise and put up a bowling alley. Oh well.

Oh! And the AbFab reunion movie is on Comedy Central tonight! Am all excited!


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