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Monday, May 31, 2004

Musical Ch-Ch-Changes!

For years I have made fun of jazz. You know the sort of jazz where the singers do that "do-bee-de-do-bee-do-wob!" while the musicians kind of go in all directions where their instruments. Almost organized chaos. Anyway, as I am getting older I am developing an appreciation for real jazz. I am even toying with the idea of purchasing a Cleo Laine CD. Not sure if I am spelling her name correctly, but she is one of those top skat singers. I've been listening to a lot of Sarah Vaughn and Ella. I am also really getting into Billie Holiday -- of course, I guess she would be considered blues. Anyway, this is a real change or departure from my normal taste in music.

...I don't think Karl likes it much.

This has been a nice 4 day weekend, but it comes to an end tonight. Why is it that I am never ready for the breaks to end?

Oh, and I have decided to stop eating. Am just too damned porky and will be wearing a bathing suit on the beaches of PTown in about 2 weeks. I just do not need to further develop my "man tits" and tummy any more than they are now! So, the best think to do is just stop eating. Who needs food?


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