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Friday, May 28, 2004

George Bush as Dog Chew Toy

Personally, I can think of no better use for this silly man currently leading our country down a path of meaningless death and destruction. I picked one up for our puppy and am pleased to note that she loves to chew on George with wild abandon!

My original plan for the day was to sleep really late, play with Dusty and watch my ever-expanding collection of German DVD's. However, I woke up at 8:30am and was too hyper to stay at home. I played a bit with Dusty, gave her lunch, met Karl in Harvard Square and had lunch with him and then saw "A Slipping Down Life" staring Lily Taylor. It was soooooooo bad! I was embarrassed for her. I mean, she is a fantastic actress! What was she doing in that mess of a movie?

On my way to Harvard I was listening to Prince perform his early 80's hit, "Head" ....I failed to notice that I was singing along until I got on the subway. Sigh. I hope no one noticed. I decided not to try to find out. Just looked down and waited for my stop to arrive!

I've seen so many interesting films via DVD in the last couple of weeks --- I really need to update my movie blog! Tonight I watched Fassbinder's "Pioneers in Ingolstadt" and "The Tin Drum" --- both were great, but "The Tin Drum" really blew me away!!!

Now, I sit at the PC listening to Sarah Vaughn croon. I was going to listen to Leon Russell, but decided I wanted to be a bit more jazzy.


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