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Monday, May 24, 2004

Karl's Birthday!

Took Karl to a nice dinner and gave him his own little gold cake with Henry Potter on top. I took his picture, but I am not sure if he plans on posting. He wasn't happy with the way he looked, but I think he looks mighty fine! And, at 33, he is still a baby!

Oh, you must visit Under_Ling's Lair and check out his May 24th post about an incident in New Mexico. If it does not make your blood boil, I am concerned. We are in scary times to say the very least. Anyway, Ian has posted something which should concern all of us --- liberal or conservative these things should not be happening!
In addition, a hate-filled self-proclaimed teenage Republican posted a comment to Under_ling's blog. To make matters even worth this kid likes Metallica. ...like, a lot! Corporate faux rockers.

Oh! And Rob's new novel, TRUST FUND BOYS, is out! My copy came in today! So get thee to a local gay bookstore or order from Amazon.com! I am quite confident it is going to be a most enjoyable read. I hated having his last novel, THE NIGHT WE MET, end. Exceptional writer!


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