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Friday, May 21, 2004

Stolen Credit Card & Barbra

Met my brother tonight to see a movie. Before we walked into the cinema we did a bit of shopping. I am not positive, but I either left my credit card at the cash wrap or the cashier kept it and I just didn't notice because he was chatting so much. After the movie, we had a drink and nachos and then I decided to stop by the ATM before catching a cab to head home and realized that my card was gone! UGH! Oh well, so it goes. I just hope no one steals my identity. I have enough of a hard time dealing with it, would feel bad for someone to try to make it work for them!

Anyway, I have made my ultimate comments on all of Barbra's movies! Just click here here if you care to read them. If you are not interested, simply do not click there!


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