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Monday, May 17, 2004

The Big Shit Stand-Off!

We have entered a dark phase of the Karl/Matt/Dusty household. Yes, we have entered the phase of The Big Shit Stand-Off. This is somewhat similar to the garbage stand-off when Karl and I would just let the garbage grow and grow until the odor became so unbearable that one of us eventually caved in and took it out. Well, now we are doing the same thing when it comes to Dusty's little brown/black gifts we find scattered throughout the condo. Initially, Karl picked these gifts up more than me. Then I got more involved in picking up the excessive amount of "gifts" that a tiny dog can produce at will. Now, I have noticed that the shit just lies there. Karl, myself and Dusty go about our evening/day and just tend to dodge the shit. The exception would be Dusty who sometimes will approach her shit and sniff at it suspiciously. Tonight I caved in and picked up both of Dusty's deposits. Mainly because I noticed that Dusty seemed to be entertaining the idea of eating her own excrement. That would not be good --- especially as Dusty loves to give us both kisses and will, sometimes, slip us the tongue. Ah, family life.

I bet you thought I was going to write about the fact that the Commonwealth will let us marry and actually be a real family in the eyes of this state. Until Karl accepts my proposal I don't plan to discuss it much. However I think it is really cool and exciting. Karl has agreed that we will invest in a higher grade of ring sets this summer when we go to PTown for a week! No wedding, but we'll have the rings!

By the way, I just ran across This Website! and it rocks! I hope he doesn't mind me liking him to my blog. I need to send him an eamil! But check it out!


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