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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Venting About Big Plans & Yet Another Prince Issue

For the third time in my career I played the rank card today. I feel a bit guilty, but a boy's gotta do what boy's gotta do. Right? My PalmPilot Treo 600 has not been able to sync with my Notes on my work laptop for well over a week. There is a bug in my Notes and they need to either "wave" my machine or upgrade me to Notes 6.5 --- which would be way ahead of the planned roll-out of this new version. Today I had to start the Annual Review process for my staff. Ultimately, I am responsible for close to 60 Annual Reviews. We use a Notes Dbase ---- I was running into trouble all morning with this dbase. I contacted the dbase team and they told me that this was "some sort of issue" with my Notes. So --- I forced the issue. I used my rank to get my pc fixed. I feel a little guilty, but I think it is a faux feeling.

So my plan is to finish up on my work tomorrow with the dbase, sync my life to my Palm, go see a funny movie, watch lots of DVD's this weekend --- and, at the suggestion of Tim I have decided to write all about the films of Barbra on my movie blog. ...I think Tim was joking --- but I mean business! Don't rain on my parade! Oh, and send Tim a note of encouragement. He is taking an important test tomorrow, but he is seeing Blonde Redhead in concert tonight. Let's hope he is able to study!

Oh, and by the way --- I like Prince. I can't help it. I know he has issues and hair problems, but I like him. I finally picked up a copy of the "Lovesexy" CD because it was on sale for $6.99. I happen to like several of the songs and figured I would enjoy the others. There is only one problem --- the CD is ONE TRACK! One track --- you can't skip from song to song! I take issue with this. It annoys me. What if I do not want to listen to Kat wrap? What if I do not want to go down Alphabet Street --- what if I want to skip to the last song? I am telling you --- it is just obnoxious!


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