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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Is Charity Really All That Sweet?

Each Thursday before my brother cleans our condo he likes to start the laundry and take the subway over to Cambridge where he is able to enjoy a delicious meal from Taco Bell. As I am at the start of a 4 day weekend, I decided I would join him for dinner. So, while we were having a debate about women --- which by the way I wanted to bring my best friend, Beth, in on -- but Roy told me that this was a private debate. ...So, dear blog readers I am unable to share the nature of the debate. Anyway, Roy forced me to go to Borders where I purchased that new Three Dog Night Greatest Hits CD.

I also decided to check out showtunes to see if I could find the soundtrack of SHOWBOAT. I found one, but it was really old. Bonnie Raitt's father was the big star of the production. I was thinking that there was a movie soundtrack or something. I decided to hold off on that one just in case one of you can guide me to best version of that musical. Imagine my surprise when I found the soundtrack to the movie version of SWEET CHARITY!!!! Although, I know it is not a good movie, I do love to watch it! And, now I've the soundtrack on CD! No one does "The Rhythm of Life" better than Sammy Davis, Jr! I also really like the movie version of "Big spender"

Roy is now cleaning and I am preparing for a nice evening of Fassbinder films! I am not going to shave, I am going to sleep late and see a movie or two tomorrow! ...and play with the puppy! Fun!

I also need to updat my movie blog! By the way, have you checked out my view of all of Barbra's movies???? It is there!


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