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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Happy Reunion!!!

OK, I am not going to hide it ---- and, actually, I think I once posted about my love of that 80's trio of joy, Wilson Phillips --- I have always wanted a reunion and now we have IT! And, I am seriously loving it! Peter Asher produced it. For lovers of 70's Southern California Rock, like moi, he was the mastermind behind the once beauty of country/rock, Linda Ronstadt! Anyway, the entire CD is a sort of tribute to that sound of 1970's California rock with some 60's stuff thrown in for good measure. It is awesome! Don't make fun of me! I think everyone should rush out and support Wilson Phillips. By the way, I feel that Carnie is now the hottest of the 3!

Karl does not like it and is making fun of me. He is mean! Go flame him on his blog, please!


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