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Monday, May 31, 2004

Fassbinder Procrastination

Well, I have seen all of the Fassbinder films currently available on DVD or video. There are only 3 remaining I've yet to watch --- THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, GODS OF THE PLAGUE and RIO DAS MORTES. I think I am putting off watching them because I will have nothing "new" of his to watch for some time.

Am not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I did contact The Fassbinder Foundation in Germany to inquire about dates for the planned release of his remaining work. They did get back to me, but it sounds like it might not be until some time in 2005. They are currently working on restoring his 15 hour plus mini-series of BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ and it looks as if Criterion may be releasing LILI MARLENE. But the individual who contacted me made it clear that no formal agreements had been worked out. Fantoma is also very much involved with any future US/UK releases. So, I shall have a long wait. And, those who know me will agree --- I am not patient.

I want to learn German and French. I want to see London, Berlin, Munich and Paris. Too bad I suck at learning foreign languages!!! Ugh!

So, for some reason outinboston.com seems to be showing both myself and Karl as if we are always on-line. Most annoying! I don't want people to think I am being rude if they are sending me quick messages. By the way, if you are gay --- out.com is much fun. I prefer it to gay.com. Just my opinion.

I finally got the book of photos by David Armstrong, Rare Flesh, with text by his lover,Clive Barker. I am somewhat disappointed. Some of the photography is interesting, but very little is original in concept. Much of Armstrong's work is erotically derivative of Robert Mapplethorpe. Barker's poetry is interesting, though. ...and the photos are nice enough. I just was expecting something with more of an edge --- and something with a new vision. Oh well.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! ...or Banking Holiday if in the UK. ...I think that is what it is called. ?


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