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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Lonely Brunch

Actually, I am not sure if having breakfast/lunch at 11:15am at the counter of a diner could even be called 'brunch' ---- but I was all alone. Karl didn't want to go and I hadn't thought ahead enough to plan anything with anyone.

It always surprises me when strangers start speaking to me -- especially in remotely critical ways. To be honest, I think I am kind of shut off from being approached by strangers. That comes from living for over a decade in Boston. Anyway, I brought a couple of those year end wrap-up holiday letters that some folks still send out with their Christmas cards. I really enjoy these types of letters. I like to see how creative my friends/family get --- and, even if I do know everything that has happened for the individual over the past year, I really do enjoy reading them. Seems like every year less of my friends do them.

Anyway, I am sitting at the counter protected by the invisible wall which encircles me and the lady next to me says, "Wow. You actually read those. I toss them away. They annoy me." Then the kid on the other side of me joins in and says, "Yeah, why don't they just send me an email or call me" ---- the lady next to me seems to get a rush out of this and chimes up, "Exactly!"

I try to decide if I am even going to look up from the letters I so enjoy and make any sort of reply. However, for those of you who do know me -- I can seldom keep my mouth shut. So, I raise my head up and said --- "I've been looking forward to reading these. You see, I love my friends and family and take interest in their lives" I then went back into my holiday letters. The two people said nothing further, but I could feel them looking at me as I read.

I did not enjoy eating this particular version of "brunch" alone, but what are ya gonna do?

The broker selling our home is having an open house this afternoon so we have to clear out for a couple of hours. We are expecting about 8 inches of snow this afternoon so we are going to go downstairs to the local cinema and see that new movie with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

Two of our pals, Bill and Dan, are coming over tonight for dinner. I think we are going to walk down the street to one of our local restaurants. However, I worry that Salem will be shutting down early due to snow tonight. ...because, well, it is Salem and they just seem to love to close early all of the time. If this happens we are screwed as we really do not have anything much to serve at home. I am looking forward to getting back to Boston!


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