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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Loose Cap

Had a dental appointment this afternoon to have my teeth cleaned and scaled. There is something about having my teeth scaled which I find satisfying. You know, like they are really cleaning my teeth. No cavities or anything, but I've a loose cap that needs to be removed and re-cemented back on. They will take care of that bit of fun on Tuesday. I can't wait.

Anyway, due to some surgery I had in the mid-90's I have to take a load of anti-biotics prior to any dental visit. I was stupid and failed to eat breakfast or lunch prior to the appointment and ended up feeling quite sick. We had to cancel plans to meet a friend for dinner.

So we came home. Karl did whatever it is he does on the computer for about 4 hours while I watched DVD's of Fynny Girl and Spun. An interesting, but oddly well-matched double feature. I am not sleepy. I might watch All That Jazz which I purchased a while back but never watched.

Well, thus far this has been my exciting weekend. Oh, we did look at 4 condos today. Liked 2 of the 4, but not enough to pursue. I suspect we will end up renting at a luxury apartment building and taking our time finding the perfect place --- I just know it is out there.

Gee, this is a quite dull posting. Sorry. I will try to do better next time!


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