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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Dans Ma Peau or How I Spent the Day of the Season's First Snow Storm

The snow was falling hard and Karl was planning to spend the day inside "studying" for school --- which I suspect translates to surfing the net for porn --- tho I could be wrong. Anyway, that wasn't going to do it pour moi. I decided to venture out in the beautiful falling snow, take the commuter rail into Boston, jump on the subway to Cambridge and see that French film, "Dans Ma Peau/In My Skin".

Now this film has been writen/directed by the woman who has co-written and produced almost all of Francois Ozon's films. Ozon happens to be, in my opinion, the most interesting/talented of the current crop of film directors. So, I was quite interested to see what she had created on her own. She also stars in this film which I had read follows a woman's horrific journey into an affliction which symbolizes all of the issues society dumps on women. It sounded even more interesting with the political slant into a horror movie.

There were approx. 10 other people who ventured out to see this film --- I think. I really wasn't counting, but I heard people behind me and there were two ladies infront of me. The movie is unrated, but Landmark is only selling tickets to those who are 17 or older. I decided the rating must be for wild French sex. I was wrong.

The only symbolism I found in the really gross movie was a woman's journey into madness and the fact that she related to her body as food - or, rather, she was so detached from her body she treated it as this numb bit of baggage which she seemed to want to destroy. She injures her leg, takes pleasure in digging deeper into the cuts and by the film's end is basically carving bits of skin/meat from herself and eating it. The movie seemed to be taking "cutting" to a whole other level.

I have never been able to look away from a screen --- I have to watch what happens. I rarely walk out of a movie. This movie turned my stomach more than a few times, but I continued to watch. When the mercy of end titles emerged I noticed that there were only 2 viewers who sat through the whole thing --- Me and another man behind me.

As I was walking to the men's room I noticed that I had that soda after taste in my mouth. I thought of the mess I had just watched and barely made it to a toilet to toss all of my cookies. Ugh! Talk about spoil a lovely walk through the snow!

By the time I got home I just wanted to lay down, but Karl and I had plans to join our pals, Pete and Duncan, for dinner. I was glad I went as I ended up feeling better.

The snow continues to fall and I guess will be falling well into tomorrow. It is so pretty, but there is certainly a good amount of the stuff! We lost electricity for about 3 hours.


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