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Monday, December 01, 2003

Some Random Thoughts

I hate saying goodbye to people I care about. I just hate it. My friend Alan left today to return to San Francisco. We met in the city for lunch. Having him visit made me realize how much I miss him ---- so I gave him my best sales job to lure him back to New England. Anyway, I know enough to keep goodbyes short. However that doesn't prevent me from getting sad. I hugged him goodbye and told him I loved him and then came back into work and tried to focus on the work of the day, but I am dragging. Still, we had an awesome time and had a chance to catch up on our lives. My hope is that Karl and I will be visiting Alan in late spring/early summer. ...Maybe I will just force him to come back with us when we do! ha!

The festive holiday plants came in for my office's lobby. Several of them arrived on the verge of death and the poinsettia topiaries are way too short. The silk holiday arrangment I ordered for our coffee table is just too small. I am just not happy with the work of our vendor. I left a voice mail, but they are all over the city delivering holiday plants today. My hope is that I can get everything corrected before my boss returns to the office tomorrow afternoon!

Saturday afternoon I was a total dork and put my credit/debit card into an ATM at one of the local malls in Danvers and walked off without taking it back. So I had to call the banking institution's 24 hour line to cancel the card. Had to stop by the bank this morning to make sure all is OK with my account. I will not receive my replacement card for 7 to 10 business days. For now, I will just have to get my butt into the bank to secure cash. Ugh.

And, I think my fingernails look odd. They seem too wide somehow. Why can't I have normal fingernails? Maybe they are normal. I don't know --- but they look strange to me today.

Oh! We watched the "controversial" CBS TV movie, "The Reagans", which the network dumped and gave to Showtime. I didn't see the big "controversy" --- Seemed like the producers played it pretty safe. They were hardest on Nancy --- or as Ron called her, "Nancy-Pants/Mommy" -- but even still they basically presented her as a sympathetic character who really cared for her husband ------ who seemed to be out to lunch due to Alts during his last 3 years as president. Big deal. I thought they were far too easy on President Reagan and his refusual to address the then-pending AIDS epidemic.

...I wonder if Babs is upset that her husband can look so much like Ronald Reagan? I wonder if he calls her "Barbie-pants/Mommy"

Oh, and there are no plans to release the new Kylie Minouge CD in the US anytime soon. Looks like I will end up having to pay out the ass for an import copy if I want it before spring of next year. ...which I do. However, Karl has me on a no-shopping clause till after Christmas. Maybe I will find it under the tree on the 24th. I hope.


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